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  1. Here's a question....

    How come when I try to PM another member on here,and only to say nice things I might add! :P - I get a message something along the lines of 'Sorry you can't PM this member,because they either don't have it enabled or they belong to a group which doesn't allow it' ? I've been meaning to ask for a while now...:unsure:

  2. Phew! I've found it! :D - Thanks to Zetti and Anaya.

    I would love it if someone would be kind and wonderful enough to make me or point me to the artists thread,an avatar of Sally and Flynn. I know,I've already got one,but,I've had it since I joined BttB and would adore to have a bright new one!

    I hope it's not asking a lot and of course,I will credit the creator of it,in my signature too!

    Thankyou. :D

  3. The only way you could use it as a 120 pixel icon is if you bring it into Photoshop and place it on a 120 pixel canvas. If you don't have Photoshop, you can ask in the Request thread in the Artwork section. :)

    For the life of me,I've not been able to find that...knowing me it's probably stuck right at the top of the page! :rolleyes: - However,I would be most grateful if someone would be fantastic enough to point this idiot in the right direction of it,please? :)

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