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  1. Sadly I can't PM you so a comment will have to suffice! You are one of very few members who I have the highest respect for. I really enjoy and look forward to yours posts! Here's to many more of them! Moving On! :oP

  2. Here's a question.... How come when I try to PM another member on here,and only to say nice things I might add! - I get a message something along the lines of 'Sorry you can't PM this member,because they either don't have it enabled or they belong to a group which doesn't allow it' ? I've been meaning to ask for a while now...
  3. WooHoo!! Another edition launched!! Thankyou!! :D
  4. That's right! Samantha!! For the life of me,I couldn't remember her name! Thankyou Dan! I'll second that sexyluc,it would be good to know what happened to her!
  5. Please could someone put my tiny mind at rest on something.... I seem to remember Carly having an Evil Twin sister at somepoint? I'm worried I might have imagined this... Thanks inadvance!
  6. I have just PM'd you! And I look forward to being able to supply some updates for the site too!
  7. Brilliant Kat! - Let me know,if I can help btw!
  8. Brilliant,Brilliant work by all involved! I feel incredibly proud to see my humble opinion of him,included. Yet another cracking feature on BttB!
  9. Phew! Thankyou for that,it's always a relief to know it's not just you!
  10. Thankyou Amy! Btw,is it me or has the ability to see who's viewing and posting to a thread gone?
  11. I'll second that - what an impressive achievement and resource!
  12. Fantastic!! That's the rest of my night sorted. I love these features on BttB! :D
  13. I'm really pleased that's sorted Deborah and I've replied to your PM too,so hopefully you'll get it!
  14. Phew! I've found it! - Thanks to Zetti and Anaya. I would love it if someone would be kind and wonderful enough to make me or point me to the artists thread,an avatar of Sally and Flynn. I know,I've already got one,but,I've had it since I joined BttB and would adore to have a bright new one! I hope it's not asking a lot and of course,I will credit the creator of it,in my signature too! Thankyou.
  15. For the life of me,I've not been able to find that...knowing me it's probably stuck right at the top of the page! - However,I would be most grateful if someone would be fantastic enough to point this idiot in the right direction of it,please?
  16. Zetti - You Rock!! - Thankyou for your help!
  17. Does anyone know if there's a way to make extra folders for PM's? My inbox gets full quite quickly,and only because of old PM's I want to keep,I might add! I would love to 'free up' my inbox and make a folder to keep the older ones. Is this possible? Thankyou inadvance!!
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