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  1. I have a big favour to ask of a kind and wonderful artist on here...I would love and of course,count myself incredibly lucky to be able use on BttB and credit in my sig... Moving On! (to the point!) A split avatar - vertically IF possible,of Sally and Flynn on one side,and Aden and Belle on the other. I don't know how easy or not this would be,or indeed if anyone can point me towards an existing one,then the credit will of course go to that person!! Thankyou and I apologise for going on and on and on....... Jack
  2. I've often wondered - (SO exhausting! ) why only some of the emoticons work? When there are lots on the list,yet most of them come up with red 'x's,when you click on 'show all'.. Thankyou,inadvance!
  3. Aaah,Thankyou MrDan! It's a beautiful looking place too!
  4. Brilliant,brilliant work by all involved!!! BttB do features like this impeccably,and it's another one I will enjoy reading alot!!
  5. Thanks Foxy! And,can't wait to see what this big feature is too!! *peels eyes*
  6. Thankyou Dan! I'm loving this new 'Locations' section!
  7. Please would anyone know,the episode of Martha's first appearance and after? I seem to remember Sally being found collapsed at the end of it,and I would love to see how that resolved itself! Thanking you in advance!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I very much hope you are having a wonderful day!! :oD

  9. Thankyou Kat!! It's really great to see all that hardwork,up in lights!
  10. I'd say,you're very very welcome Miranda! I'm pleased Home and Away has helped you out too!
  11. It certainly does help to know how it works! I'm nearly towards my 7th pip! Does that mean I have to request episodes from myself?
  12. Just wanted to say,a massive thankyou for the friends add and of course all the incredibly kind and supportive things you've said!! And you have,so don't question it! :oP

  13. How fabulous are you? Thankyou Izzy!
  14. You wouldn't have a link to her twitter page,would you,please? I'd love to read it!
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