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  1. Dont usually post in this forum, but just dropped in to say Roo is by far my favourite character in the show atm. Actually..my favourite thing about the show. I feel like even though they replaced the actress, nobody (even justine clarke) could play the role better than Georgie Parker. Thats all.
  2. It really depends what the opening would be. If they give us a rushed 12 second opening with half the theme tune chopped, then I'd rather just stay with what we've got. If they, like above posted suggested, had a proper 40-50 second intro once a week, and bumpers for the rest of the week, I'd be delighted. If they had a 50 second opening every day, I'd be ecstatic, but thats never going to happen. They should do something non-CGI, simple
  3. I really like the opening shot. Its really summery and I like that it hasnt been killed with special effects. Its a shame that it doesnt lead into something longer though. I was hoping to see a return to beach style credits. The shot looks like a really good basis for a good sequence
  4. ITA. i'm keen to promote this: H&A Opening Titles @ SBJ . i take no credit for it, but i wish they would consider something like this for one episode a week They're a bit too dark. I'd love something a bit more fun and bright, but still beachy.
  5. I would 100% prefer to sacrifice the re-cap in favour of opening titles each day. I hate that the producers do not listen to the viewers, who have been very vocal about wanting the credits re-introduced. I thoroughly dislike the current setup. It should be like it used to be in the 90s; Opening credits Short Recap Episode Freeze frame Credits. Any idea of the best way to try bring them back??
  6. Sorry to hear of your passing. RIP.

  7. If its who I'm thinking of, then he had blonde hair and was in the show in late 90s, close to Pippa's departure.. I cant remember his name, but I remember reading an article about him and he was in his early 20s playing like a 16 year old! hope this helps!
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