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  1. Maria Nayler- Naked and sacred.
  2. Is that from Coyote Ugly? Charles and Eddie - Would I lie to you? Yes, it is. Bec Cartwright - On The Borderline
  3. Leann Rimes- But I Do Love You.
  4. It's not cold for me. It's cold when it's at least -3 celcius degrees outside
  5. Benassi Bros - Every single day
  6. It was raining but now it's sunny but not warm enough.
  7. I received fan card + letter from Isabel Lucas yesterday. That was lovely
  8. It's really hot for me. It'a about 30 degrees celsius outside.
  9. It was warm, sunny and windy today. I hope it's not windy tomorrow.
  10. It's warm and sunny but it's also very windy.
  11. It's been sunny and hot during the whole day. And it's still warm enough.
  12. Yesterday it was way windy. Today it was sunny and warm but now I can see dark blue clouds above. I doubt it's going to rain soon.
  13. Dima Bilan - Never let you go.
  14. Elena Paparizou - My number one
  15. Alexz Jonhson - Waste My Time
  16. No, it's not. I live in Estonia and it wasn't expensive at all.
  17. If you want some too, write to them. Address: (Actor's Name) Home and Away C/O~ Channel Seven Mobbs Lane Epping NSW 2121 Sydney Australia
  18. I hope I will get some more fancards from other of the cast.
  19. I just recieved fancard from Rhys Wakefield. I was surprised because I wrote to him last year in November I think. Even my father said to me that I can't even breathe because I was really-really surprised.
  20. No way You're joking, right? It's very windy but quite warm here in Estonia.
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