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  1. Yeah, there is. But it is not as good as the first film.
  2. I've 8 fancards. Rhys Wakefield Isabel Lucas + Letter Jodi Gordon Tim Campbell + Letter Clarissa House + Answers for my questions Lyn Collingwood Bobby Morley + Answers for my questions + Letter Jessica Tovey
  3. I have 7 fancards for now. On monday I got fancard from Lyn Collingwood. And fancard,small letter and Q&A sheet from Bobby ( I sent him some questions and he sent me the same paper back with answers) It took less than a month them to reply. Also I got fancard from Clarissa last week with Q&A sheet. Now I have fancards from Rhys Wakefield, Isabel Lucas, Jodi Gordon, Tim Campell, Clarissa House, Lyn Collingwood and Bobby Morley.
  4. The Green Mile. That was really sad though.
  5. Paris Hilton - Stars are blind
  6. It's warm enough here. But sometimes cloudy. 23 celsius degrees.
  7. I'm a new oldie now My one year anniversary on BTTB
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest.
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean : The curse of the black pearl.
  10. Get A Clue, actually I didn't watch it completely because I have seen it before.
  11. Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
  12. It took almost that long when I got Rhys Wakefield fancard.
  13. I received fancard from Jodi Gordon yesterday.
  14. Atmoic Kitten - I want your love. It just ended and now I am listening to Lindsay Lohan - First.
  15. Alexz Jonhson - Time To Be Your 21
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