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  1. Hey munchkin!

    My week has been ok ;) Just busy with work and studying! How's yours been? I totally love your new photos and avatar! Bec does an amazing job! Especially with the colours! =] I know if said it a thousand times but "HOW GOOD IS RUBY & GEOFF??!!!!" yay xxxx

  2. Hey beautiful! How are you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

    I will look into your avatars ;) I will definitely remember to credit your gorgeous and talented work =] Have a gorgeous weekend beautiful! xx

  3. Green Day is awesome!!!

    I love them to death ;) What's your favourite song of their's? Ilove Jesus of Suburbia!! I'm so happy that you love them too ;) Gosh we have good taste! =] I will try to go to Bronte Beach tomorrow if it doesn't rain- but the weather report said that it's raining til Tuesday =[ I hope you have a fatastic weekend too! xxx

  4. Hey Georgia! I've been ok babe. Just extremely busy with Uni assigments and stuff. I've been busy studying hard cus I have exams in a couple of weeks. I haven't had a chance to write anything new at the moment as I don't have any free time to spare. But I have been jotting down things that pop into my head so I can write them later on=] Any fun plans for the weekend? xx

  5. Arrgh got cut off!

    I was just saying enjoy your weekend babe, and don't party too much now that your exams are over =P Missing you. But speak to you soon! xoxo

  6. Hey Ash!

    I've been missing you HEAPS! How did you exams go?! I bet you are totally STOKED that they are finished from today =] I sent you the Ruff quote to your inbox. I had to keep replaying and pausing the episode so I could type it up-only for it to get deleted! I was extremely annoyed! Oh well in a couple of months, I will be putting it back up yay! :) Enjoy yo

  7. I want them to be together in real life too!!! So that Lincoln will come back on the show faster! I'm still REALLY annoyed that he even thought of leaving in the first place! How can he do that to Ruby? :( xxxx

  8. Hey Bec!

    No fun plans for me, just study! I have uni exams soon :( Hey the moderators on this site deleted my avatar! So I was wondering if you could PLEASE give me a Ruff one. I heard you make them xx Thanks gorgeous :) xx

  9. Hey, how are you?

    I love your avatar! it's a really gorgeous photo =]

  10. Hey how are you gorgeous? I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind! Have a beautiful day xx Paris :)

  11. Hi Mira,

    How are you beautiful? Just wanted to wish you a gorgeous weekend =] Take care xoxo

  12. Hey gorgeous girl. Haven't spoken to you in awhile! How have you been? I miss you! Just thought I'd wish you a beautiful week =] Take care babe xx

  13. Hey gorgeous, how are you? Just wanted to wish you a beautiful week =] Do you have any fun plans? xx

  14. Hey gorgeous, how are you? I love your new avatar! =] How good was Friday's episode with Ruff and their beach date?!! Awww soo cute, I love them sooo MUCH! Haha. Have a gorgeous weekend =] xoxo

  15. Hey babe! How are you?! You won't believe what happened to me on this site! Some moderator came and deleted my whole signature, cus the Ruby and Geoff quote that I had contained a spoiler. I was a little annoyed but then I thought in a couple of months I can put it back up right.

  16. But they also deleted my Martha & JAck photo!! Cus apparently we cannot have photos in our signature! I'm so annoyed now! lol! Did you like Friday's episode with Ruff and their beach date?!!! So cute aren't they? I love them soooo much!! Totally worth the wait ;) Have a gorgeous day babe! xoxoxo

  17. I just checked the Home & Away website and part 2 is now on there!!!! Yay!!! =] xx

  18. Yes, yes I've seen their interview on the Home and Away website =] =] they are just as cute off screen! I wish that Lincoln didn't have a girlfriend and that they were dating! They make such a cute couple. I can't wait for part 2 of the interview =] Have a gorgeous weekend huni! xx

  19. Thanks gorgeous, it took me forever to find a ticker that would go on my profile as I had a lot of trouble converting the code to my profile. Did you see my new signature? It's Ruby and Geoff's confession! I love Martha & Jack too! I really wish he was still on the show =[ Have a gorgeous weekend xxx

  20. I'm glad you enjoyed your b'day =] Just thought I'd wish you a gorgeous weekend! xox

  21. Yay! Another Ruff fan ;) Aren't they just gorgeous together? I've wanted them to get together since Ruby joined Summerbay!! Now it's finally happened and it's awesome =] I love Rebecca Breeds too ;) She is a great actress ! Have a beautiful day!! xx Paris

  22. Don't worry honey. Ruby and Geoff will last. Apparently this week they are going to have a little bit of a rocky relationship.. I think it has to do with Geoff fussing about her health (and maybe even Xav's new gf?) But they are not breaking up. They last until Geoff leaves next year =[ We have to enjoy them while we can lol! xxx

  23. Haha, it cut out my comment lol!

    Have a gorgeous day chicka =] Take care ;) xx Paris

  24. Hi Tahlia,

    H a p p y b i r t h d a y !!

    Sorry that it is soo late. But it's better late than never lol!

    Yay another Ruff fan!! I'm sooo stoked!! Aren't they the sweetest and cutest couple ever?!! I've waited forever for them to get together- but it's totally worth the wait!! Love you avatar!! Hav

  25. Me again, I absolutely adore your new pics and the Ruby <3 Geoff timeline!!! xoxo

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