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  1. I thought that he said "boyfriend" because he was thinking "I want to be your boyfriend"...but actually you're probably right though, now that I think about it.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  3. In my mind they are pretty much two different characters so I don't really like picking a favourite. I adored Toms's portrayal of a shyer, younger Dex, and his relationship with Annie was very sweet and innocent, especially when his family was pretty much falling apart at that point. [i adore Tom as Sammy in Dance Academy so much, so there's that.] I was curious when they said they were recasting and bringing the Walker's back, and kind of surprised with the personality overhaul they gave Dex in the process. Having said that I think Dex's quirkiness and awkwardness and quick-wit is incomprable to any other character on the show. Dex's World is one of the best things to come out of the show -- that, and Dex's obvious boy-liking tendencies. I will stand by this until proven otherwise (and even then I will probably be in denial, so whatever). In conclusion, like 'em both, but Charles' Dex is sort of my spirit animal, so I have innumerable feelings for him right now. Yes, I agree completely!! Aww don't you just love Dance Academy (Speaking of which, Tom Green's character Sammy turned out gay....Hmmm haha!)
  4. Hey everyone just thought I'd revive this thread & ask- who did you prefer as Dex? Tom Green(1st) or Charles Cottier(current)? I have to say being a huge Dance Academy fan, I love Tom Green, but Charles Cottier is theDex. He's so funny and he just makes the character come alive. so I prefer Charles Cottier as Dexter for sure. What about you?
  5. I love Pheobe! She's one of my favourite actresses and she's great as Adrian! Very quirky character
  6. Jeans, slippers, gray shirt & a browny green jacket
  7. What I want to know is why does he keep telling everyone different stories!! He told Alf his mum named him Robert Robertson because people wouldn't forget it (or something along those lines), he told Irene something else, and VJ something about superheros! He also said to the police offier "I will not tolerate chocolate blah blah blah" but then he said to Leah that's the way he likes it.... But other then that I think he's a good character, he's funny (though the people at the Bay wouldn't agree, LOL.) and he's very out-there. I liked it when he just walked into the crime scene, it made me laugh to see that look on Charlie's face when she realised it was his case... hah.
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