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  1. The abortion storyline has irritated me, of course we aren't allowed to discuss such matters as we are all forced to support such things in the 21st century. The roll Ziggy has played in it has annoyed me the most saying things like "It has nothing to do with Arri", NONSENSE, it takes two people to cause pregnancy and the man at least deserves to be told what is happening. If a man is the babies father post birth then why shouldn't he be treated like the father in the babies development stage? It seems that the man is only the father when it suits the mother. Back to Ziggy, I could
  2. I was surprised to read that the actor who plays Arri is only 30, two years older than myself. I thought he would have been around late 30s. He is just 2 years older than Dean and 7 years older than Nikau. Tane looks much older than 29 too but it is the Hulk physique he has that makes him look older.
  3. 2000-2004 wasn't that good, it was the reason why I stopped watching from late 2004 to 2007 as Neighbours was far better than it around 2003/04. 2000-2004 (The Sutherlands) 2007-2008 (Campbells) 2009-2010 (Arrival of Gina, a poor enough era) 2010-2011 (Improved lighting of the sets) 2011-2014 (Braxtons)
  4. I am wondering if anyone is selling any recent signed cast cards? by recent I mean from 2011-2015
  5. I thought this was laughable, the character is supposed to be 13, the young fellows not even that great of an actor anyway, just completely to attract the teen girls.
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