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  1. I was surprised to read that the actor who plays Arri is only 30, two years older than myself. I thought he would have been around late 30s. He is just 2 years older than Dean and 7 years older than Nikau. Tane looks much older than 29 too but it is the Hulk physique he has that makes him look older.
  2. 2000-2004 wasn't that good, it was the reason why I stopped watching from late 2004 to 2007 as Neighbours was far better than it around 2003/04. 2000-2004 (The Sutherlands) 2007-2008 (Campbells) 2009-2010 (Arrival of Gina, a poor enough era) 2010-2011 (Improved lighting of the sets) 2011-2014 (Braxtons)
  3. I am wondering if anyone is selling any recent signed cast cards? by recent I mean from 2011-2015
  4. I thought this was laughable, the character is supposed to be 13, the young fellows not even that great of an actor anyway, just completely to attract the teen girls.
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