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  1. Hi All, I know the activity on this thread has been quite of late. I am selling my entire Home and Away Fan Card collection, 100+ fancards from all eras. If anyone is interested can you let me know via PM? I will post photographs later.
  2. Hi Guys, does anyone have any old home and away fancards? I'm trying to build up my collection... If anyone can help, please PM me.. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, I have come to the grewsome decision of selling my complete Home and Away fancard collection. Its been a long decision, but i feel i have grown out of Home and Away a bit. Am i making the right decision?? It's really hard. I have 230 fancards in total. 61 B+W, 95 A5 Size, 74 slimcards. I have had a few offers. PM me with your email address and I can send photos. Just thought i would offer them to people who really want them. Thanks
  4. Yeah they are new. I think they are doing them for the whole cast. Just revamping them all. As I've seen pictures for about 6 cast members. Ah cool. That means I might have to write to all the cast again. Does anyone have any picture of these fancards or links to them?
  5. Does anyone have any fancards from the perth telethon, they look nice in the photos, if anyone wants to sell PM me, please
  6. Ha, good to see someone looks at my photos, i might have a few spares of these. PM Me
  7. Hey Edward, The majority of these are photocopies, i have bought a few times(i took a chance the second time). Don't bother, they are so expensive. This seller tries to imply that the paper changes, but i have been collecting for years, trust me i know what is real and what is not. I hope this helps.
  8. It was so long ago, I honestly can't remember - but it was something around £5/each, and the postage was more than the total value of the two fancards put together as well. That seller's still on eBay though, with a different username - they're selling a fancard of Laurie Foell (Josie Russell) right now - exactly the same layout in the auction... Yeah i bought cards of the same seller, and i got a few that were really bad, they told me that they got them from channel 7!! i am currently bidding on the laurie foell, do you think it will be bad aswell?
  9. Hi Jldraw, I bought the 15 handsigned fancards, they are perfect, real signatures, they are real fancards, i bought the 22 lot and they are real, but i agree it seems very strange, ridicolous price!
  10. Yeah and i was the silly bugger that bought the 15, i only wanted 3 of them, it was a moment of weakness, ah well it's done now, i have nearly 200 Home and Away fancards, the majority of them are from writing to home and away. What address do you guys use, whats this helpdesk address your talking about. Maybe i shoudnt put this here, but if anyone is interested in selling/swapping, please pm me.
  11. Hey, I was just wondering does anyone have any home and away fancards for sale or swap?
  12. Hey Guys i have loads of fancards, Just thought i'd let you see them all..
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