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  1. I'm going to join the "dislike Robbie" brigade! I wasn't going to say anything as I don't particularly like to get involved in debates centred round opinions.. but since you both mentioned it! Robbie was indeed a "pathetic wimp who spent all his time shouting" (well said DL) IMO. Was so pleased when he finally left. I like Dexter, the writing of his character has been a little irritating at times but I think there's enough raw material there for him to become a success.
  2. Never been much of a fan of Romeo but I've found him particularly annoying lately. I ended up siding with Jill during their storyline as it didn't seem to matter what she did, he'd jump to the same conclusion and go off on one at her. I'd probably drink myself stupid as well if I had a son as irritating as that. I really can't get away with his constant woe is me relationship angst either, they've got him going on like an 11 year old who's been knocked back by their first crush, which is rather ridiculous as he looks far too old to even be the age of the character. Bring back more comedy moments with Xavier.
  3. Good post, I agree completely. People need to get over the Trey thing.
  4. If anyone from the show is reading: PLEASE make NewDex gay. He's so adorably camp, he would make a brilliant gay character.
  5. Actually, I was browsing the profiles section yesterday and a lot seems to be out of date. Such as the current Australian cast list and there was a list of deaths that hadn't been updated since 2008 or something. Not that I could do a better job, mind.
  6. Don't like them at all, no chemistry between them.
  7. I like April so far. She's cute and seems to have a sweet personality.
  8. Basically a male Irene would be a loose description. Nicole lives with him because he was friends with her dad, Roman, and is looking after her (well, as much as someone her age needs 'looking after') as Roman is in prison. Romeo came to the Bay to find his friend Jai who lived with Miles at the time as they had met years before. Miles' house has historically been a place where various waifs & strays are taken in, from when Pippa & Sally (Miles' twin) lived there previously.
  9. :lol: I don't find this funny, just the fact that my sister mentions this EVERY time Martha comes on screen. I liked Martha at first, but was never keen on Jack so wasn't a fan of their relationship. Agree with the other high points you've mentioned though. Not liked her at all over the last few years so I definitely think it was a good time to move on.
  10. They are one of the most boring couples I've ever seen. No charisma and I've said this about a million times on here already but I refuse to believe those 2 people would be in a relationship. Angelo holds absolutely no interest to me (does he even have any friends? See everyone else thinks he's boring too) and I don't mind Charlie but she really needs to be with someone feistier, if at all.
  11. I find it difficult to comment on Aden's departure because it doesn't actually seem like he's left for good, as it was so half-arsed. It feels more like, say, Nicole going off to visit Roman for a few days (i.e. something that is just quickly mentioned by the other characters), than one of the main characters leaving the Bay forever. Poor job, but as I'd grown to dislike Aden I'm sure I'll get over it.
  12. Yeah what the hell is going on with him! Hiding in a tree?! Crikey.
  13. I have developed a huge crush on Miles (help me: there's still time to stop this) so I'm loving his quirky ways lately. I like the way him and Leah get on, reminds me of the relationships I have with my male friends, jokey and teasing and stuff sometimes but the serious aspect as well. Hope they don't ever ruin it with a relationship as I don't think they're suited in that way.
  14. No, you're not the only one. It's as if she's feeling the nerves from starting all over again. She seemed to especially struggle with her lines in one scene she had with Irene. Apart from Mink going, everything was all mainly relationship related. Sorry to bring a quote in that I made a few days ago (March 12th) in a spoiler thread about Annie coming back. You're not the only ones who think it's been awkward. The first scene with Irene / Charlie was fine, but it went backward from there. Or to be more accurate, around in circles with Romeo again. I thought I'd read in the spoilers some similar comments about Annie - thanks! I didn't like her & Romeo before she left and I dislike them even more now - which is a shame as I was really starting to warm to Romeo.
  15. Is it just me or did something not seem right with Annie tonight? I don't like to criticise acting ability, but her lines all seemed a little forced and awkward. That whole walk down the beach with Romeo thing was just cringeworthy to watch. I can't quite put my finger on what it was though.
  16. Yeah I agree, you can feel the shift in mood of the whole show and I'm liking it.. agree though the Charlie & Angelo stuff is a bit naff.
  17. Loved the interaction between Gina & Mink today. Really highlighted the acting ability.
  18. Ok this is weird... last year it felt like Miles ruined one of my favourite characters, Kirsty, but this year I just LOVE him so far. He's adorably funny!
  19. Charlie and Angelo are THE most unconvincing couple I've seen in a while. I refuse to believe they would go out with each other. Strangely, I'm quite liking Martha and Liam. There seems a charisma there which I thought was lacking with Hugo. And I hate Martha, so this is big for me!!
  20. Ok this is annoying me already. Why are only Geoff & Alf doing anything about the fire? The other lazy arses could at least give them a hand.
  21. The whole thing with Xavier & Romeo chasing the envelope full of money round the Bay was brilliant, hope they can keep this hint of comedy to the pairing. I think Xavier could be a lot better with a friend to "bounce off", god forbid he may even show some charisma!
  22. Heh, I cringed at this. Way to overdo it, H&A. I wasn't sure about Romeo at first, but I'm starting to quite like him and Mink. Interested to find out more about them.
  23. True, Leah and Vinnie were perfect for each other, and she has been a shell of herself since he left. I can remember before Leah showed up I was holding out hope for a Sally and Vinnie reunion, then Leah comes along and I was like "Sally and Vinnie who?" Vinnie was one of the best ever characters on the show. Even if you didn't actually like him, it was pretty much impossible to hate him. He's a character they've never really managed to replace. Definitely, he was unique in my opinion. A geezer with a heart of gold. Edit.. that may not have required spoilers actually.. but better safe than sorry!
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