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  1. I've just heard about this new character as I haven't been following the show much lately but I find it interesting that the British hospital show Casualty also has a character called Martin "Ash" Ashford.
  2. Once again I'm starting to think I might not bother picking it back up after the break.
  3. Freezing, black ice all over the roads and paths.
  4. 4 bananas 4 Braeburn apples 2 baking potatos It was actually my weekly shop, but those were the last 3 things scanned.
  5. Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain Wind wind wind wind wind wind wind wind wind wind 11°C
  6. Extremely grim. I've taken the bold step of hanging washing on the line. I'm not convinced it'll be there much longer as there are a lot of grey clouds above.
  7. Jeans, a vest top and my favourite Animal hoody. Slippers on my feet.
  8. 2 bottles of Pepsi Max Chewing gum Chat Magazine
  9. Pyjama bottoms, an old England football shirt and a dressing gown. Not really feeling motivated to get dressed just yet!
  10. I went to a Chilli Festival yesterday. If you count those all as 1 purchase, before that I bought a set of 4 kettlebells and tickets to the Chilli Festival.
  11. Bridesmaids - thought it was ok, few dodgy accents on display though The Open Door - terrible horror film
  12. Incubus - Drive Having a bit of a journey back in time.
  13. Just had: Plain pizza with added tuna, red pepper & garlic Summer fruits cheesecake And sipping a cold glass of wine (sauvignon blanc) Lovely.
  14. I've never really thought about it but I assumed the actress was a fair bit older than I am (26) with Bianca also being 30+. Never would've guessed we're the same age as she looks older. Mind, she does play a fairly 'grown up' character (teacher/caring for her younger sister) which always skews my opinion a little.
  15. Slippers, camoflage shorts, an old t-shirt of my boyfriend's that I wear for loafing about and a beanie hat from Hooters Las Vegas.
  16. Union Jack socks, light blue denim shorts, an orange vest top and an orange & navy blue shirt.
  17. An Alpen Light Summer Fruits bar and a cold glass of rose wine.
  18. It should go.. Dex & Casey get pretty close Bit of teasing/ridicule goes on from others Both struggle with their feelings It turns out: Dex is straight and Casey is gay Both come to terms with things & move on eventually Actually I think someone else mentioned something along those lines in another thread so apologies to whoever that was. Would be a nice 'twist' as Dex is more of a stereotypically camp bloke and Casey the opposite.
  19. Chicken kiev, onion rings, broccoli and mashed carrot and swede with a glass of orange juice.
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