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  1. Hey thanks for the add, how are you?

  2. Hiya, im good thanks, how are you? I'm a massive Ruff fan :D love them together, i take it your a fan as well? :P

  3. Hiya Lesley, how are you? hows the leg?

  4. Hiya Lesley, yeah im good thanks, just getting my flat decorated at the mo so its all busy busy lol

  5. Hiya Bev, how are you?

  6. Hiya Lesley, long time no speak lol, how are things with you?

  7. Hey Lesley, Hows things with you? Its a shame Simon missed out on his emmy:( he deserved it.

  8. Aww thank you Georgia, that means a lot :D i have just been on you page, i love your artwork, its so amazing :D

  9. Hiya Lesley, haven't spoke to you in a while, how are you?

  10. Hey Lesley, aww i hope you feel better soon i hate being ill :( I did enjoy the mentalist, i was dissapointed we didn't get Red John though :P

  11. Hey, how are you? aww thanks for the comment, but i don't think im that good lol, your artwork is amazing though, i love your colourings x.

  12. Hey Lesley, how are you? did you have a great mentalist night :D

  13. Hey Bev, how are you?

  14. Hey Lesley, how are you? i love your avatar hehe x.

  15. Oh cool, where are you off to?

  16. Hey Emma,

    Yeah im good thanks, hows things with you?

  17. Hey Barbara,

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes :D

  18. Hey Mira,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes :D

  19. Hey how are you Lesley? (hope thats your name lol) I have just realised i share the same birthday as Simon lol, hows that for coincedence? :D

  20. Hey Janice,

    Ive added you to my friends list, hope you don't mind? :D

  21. Yeah im good thanks, just waiting to go on hols lol xxx.

  22. Hey Emma

    How are you? :D

  23. Hey Emma

    I added you as a friend, hope thats ok?

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