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  1. GAH! loads of Charlie and Angelo hotness there, both look stunning and the butt slap was cuuute!
  2. ^ thats a good point i never thought of it like that.
  3. ^ I remember him telling Charlie that he had a sister when she was trying to stop Ruby sleeping with Xavier (can't remember if she was older or younger) but i don't think he has ever mentioned having three older brothers. As for Belle being erased from his profile, its a bit weird considering she was a big part of his life for some time. They might be genuine errors by the staff running the site or they could be done on purpose by the writers for some odd reason. I would love to see his family too, I wonder if his father is the slightest bit Italian .
  4. I love the fact that Charlie is leaning on Angelo for support but i wish that they would have more scenes like this together rather than being work colleagues.
  5. Agreed. I love the storyline but i hate what it is doing to both Ruby and Charlie It seems from the interview that they will have some sort of relationship in the future but its going to be a bumpy road for both of them to got to that point. Looking forward to it. Just out of curiosity AmerieM is your Charlie/Angelo avatar from the same episode as mine because it looks slightly different thats why i'm not sure.
  6. New Esther and Rebecca interview with the Morning Show talking about the on goinging Charlie/Ruby storyline. WARNING: This does contain spoilers for those who don't watch the show at Aussie pace http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/video...mmer-bay-shock/
  7. I'm guessing he doesn't have much chance to watch the show...actually i've changed my mind can you tell me what he said too pretty please?
  8. Cool what is he like in real life?, Damn I'm dying to know what's going to happen with Changelo now but at the same time i want to be surprised.
  9. She has an official fan-site on facebook, run by her sister It's pretty cool, it has lots of pics and a video of her winning her Logie. Just search for her in facebook andi it comes up. Oh really!? Im on facebook but I cant seem to find it... I can't find it either can someone post a link to Amy's fanpage?
  10. I wonder whose idea it was for Luke to be the fat guy with the beard On a side note i LOVE how Lincoln and Dan are play fighting at 2:54 till 3:07 that made me chuckle!! ETA - here are some BTS pics from Episode 1 of DTWS 2009 that i don't think have been posted before Luke with Tessa Luke, Luda and Lincoln
  11. ^ WOW ..totally awesome Charlie/Angelo icons rockstarrr!, Can i also use one of the icons from above in particular the first one of Charlie and Angelo nearly kissing?
  12. Actually i prefered him when he first arrived he was more of a cheeky chappy back then with some hilarious one liners now i feel he's lost his spark because everyone in Summer Bay hates him so much for what he's done. But I hope at least some of the cheeky-ness (is that even a real word? ) will return as soon as he gets comfortable with Charlie . That being said he does look hotter now then he did when he was first on the show .
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