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  1. I'm torn on the whole Darcy/Heath/Bianca thing. I'm a Liam/Bianca shipper all the way but I think the bond between Darcy and Bianca is adorable. And it seems like Bianca's really bonded with Lily as well. They need to just give Bianca a child.
  2. Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless
  3. Was Todd only back for one episode? =/ I was reading a magazine article the other week that was hyping his return up so much that it sounded like he was coming back for a good while. Bit disappointed now ! & completely agree about the John/Fiz storyline. I feel so sorry for John really because he's been responsible for 3 (?) deaths by just being ridiculously unlucky. But I can't help but think the whole thing is going to end tragically for poor little Hope now that Fiz has been using Joy's money.
  4. I loved Amanda but I can't see her returning to Summer Bay anytime soon, she hasn't really got any connections there anymore. Most of the characters that she shared screen-time with have either left or died.
  5. Much as I would love Charlie to be gay again, her relationship with Brax is definitely the next best thing. She's finally dating someone who is not a douchebag. Happy Megan.
  6. I love that Sophie and Sian are back on our screens!
  7. That actor is fabulous, surely he doesnt talk like that in real life though? Its so nasal.
  8. It's about time Charlie and Ruby appeared in a scene together. But at this rate, Ruby will be into her 20's by the time she moves back in with Charlie
  9. Haha its madness. Much as I do love the world cup, I dont want to watch it 24/7. I hate how the soap schedules have been changed to accommodate it.
  10. Thank god, thats the silliest storyline I've ever heard!!
  11. MeganSaturday


    I was so close to crying when the glee kids sang to Mr Schuster and he started crying. And when he cried in the car while he was listening to Journey! It was such a good season finale. I really liked that Shelby is getting the chance to have a family again with Quinn's baby but I hope she'll still stay in contact with Rachel and try to build a relationship with her in the next season. And it was nice to see Sue's softer side for a while, even if it was closely followed up by a jibe at Will's car/hair. "I don't want to touch it in case I catch Poor" haha her best line of the season! And Will and Emma are the cutest thing ever. Does anyone else think she made the whole dentist thing up to make him jealous?
  12. Aw I've really been loving them lately. I think they're really meant to be together. Not to mention that gorgeous baby of theirs!
  13. Scott Porter and the Glory Dogs - Pretend.
  14. Then it better be good Or I'll be complaining about how the money could've been better spent...
  15. I really just want to see more mother/daughter bonding and hopefully Ruby moving back into Charlie's house.
  16. Yep I reckon he'll definitely be one of them. They couldnt kill off 2 main characters at the same time I don't think.
  17. Hmm I think it's pretty obvious who's going to die... but of course there's every chance that I might be wrong.
  18. Angelo - 13 Irene - 1 Leah - 7 Miles - 5 Ruby - 74 Tony - 5
  19. Yep he has a twin brother called Rexx
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