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Status Updates posted by leylaa;

  1. Good thanks, hby?

  2. Haha I'm not actually sure whats up with that? But thank you :) xx

  3. Haha thank you :) should be a good year to come xx

  4. Happy Birthday Barbara! Hope you enjoy your day.

    Leyla; xx

  5. Happy Birthday, Kristina! (: x

  6. Heey Bec. How are you? Thankks for mentioning me in your presentation! Your really amazing too! :D Thanks again xx :)

  7. Hey Bec. I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind?

  8. Hey Drew, I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind?

  9. Hey Paris! I'm good, What about yourself? Thats fine I'll add you as a friend to ;D

  10. Hey, I added you as a friend, hope you don''t mind?

  11. Hey. I'm great thanks, how are you? Thats fine :)

  12. I don't really understand either but thanks Barbara! :) x

  13. Sorry I'm late but happy birthday :) hope you had a good day! xx

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a amazing day! :D

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had an greeat day! :D

  16. Thankss very much :)

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