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  1. I have just rewatched the reveal of Ruby's fake pregnancy to Romeo......especially the conversation between Ruby and Leah which was tense and beautifully played by the actresses "Leah: what happened to the kind-hearted girl I used to know; Ruby: maybe she died with my mother" - this is what the last 6 months have been hinting at and after watching this and thinking about the last 4 yrs and what she has been through, I think we are just about to lose another amazing summer bay character - one of desperation, full of loneliness (which actually I don't think has been done in the soap before or not acted in this way so kudos for the creativity of the writers for once in a lifetime and utilising a great character) - just wanted to say that Rebecca Breeds is a brilliant actress, one of the best they have got and will be sad to lose her. [Now even a higher proportion of summer bay's characters will be full of Braxtons/criminals (thats what they are) - have too much hatred for selfish Brax, hope his character is killed off soon....but we will probably get a funeral with the whole of the community weeping even though he introduced criminal activities into the bay...he's not even there to support Ruby - if he really loved Charlie, he wouldn't abandon her daughter!...]
  2. I had set up the following Sexiest Male 2000-2011 competition in the General Discussion Thread but a moderator had then closed it. I realise it was the wrong place to post it then. Anyway here it is: (Hope a mod can approve it and move the thread I had started in the General Discussion Thread into the Games Room - pretty soon I hope:)....I feel its definitely worth it as it will spark a good discussion as to what everyone's views are. Its not like a poll as here you get to rank small groups (in fact who might not have a chance to gain votes in polls due most people's likes of Jack Holden, hot daddy etc lol)....) I have counted 48 permanant/ semi permanant characters which have been randomly allocated to one of eight groups . Voters simply have to rank the characters within each group (1 being favourite, 6 being least favourite) – you favourite will receive 6 pts, 2nd place 5pts etc etc until 6th place will receive just 1 point. After the voting period has finished (3 days) – the 3 characters with the most points from each group will progress to the next round. The remaining 3 characters will be eliminated. A new Group will be posted after each 3 days containing the results of the previous group. So the first list of characters kicking off is: Rhys Sutherland Ric Dalby Josh West Flynn Saunders (#2) Dexter Walker (#2) Seb Miller As above rank the characters in order of preference.... Good luck! Well thats my idea....and it was working in the General Discussion Thread until it was closed:( So would be most grateful if you could reopen it in the Games Room. Thanks!
  3. Have just watched the episode with the shooting:O So dramatic!! Also I realised something: Tom said: So what are you going to do, shoot me? Then 20 years later in the last season's cliffhanger: Charlie said: So what are you going to do, shoot me? In fact this episode was SO much better than 2009 cliffhanger!
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