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  1. I'm suprised that this thread is still alive ;)
  2. Just a question, what does everyone think of Nicole? Everyone seems to think negatively about her??
  3. Hey :)

    I know we have our differences about Nicole and Aden and their relationship, but thankyou for understanding and I do understand you as well. I hope we can put our differences aside :)

  4. Hey thanks for the support yesterday!x

  5. apparantly, Tess' sister has made her a myspace account but i cant find it
  6. Aden-4 Alf-6 Charlie-12 Colleen-3 Dexter-1 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-3 Irene-6 Jai-4 Leah-7 Liam-5 Miles-4 Morag-6 Nicole-13 Ollie-6 Ross-5 Sid-3 Xavier-4
  7. i didn't like Geoff beein religious he is so hot but be a pious christian boy kinda wrecked him he has gone through a lot of changes and developped alot he seems to be progressing through his dislike of aden which I find to be quite interesting however i do not believe anything i gonna happen there for u Gaden fans ;)
  8. Originally there was a rumor of Tess's departure but she cleared it up I run a fansite and i messaged her and about a week later she replied saying no she hardly ever messages me tho
  9. i have to say that i wud probably like it hehe i have 2 friends who are gay and i think home and away shud look a suprising us with 2 new gay characters
  10. she does have down snydrome but not a severe case. She is quite sweet, and i think i like the idea of Ruban (Ruby and Brendan)
  11. hey guys, i thought i wud bring to attention that the real facebooks for some of the cast have been deleted due to people faking them and facebook being unable to decide who is real I have been talking to the real Samara Weaving and they are extremely annoyed If you are faking someone for a joke which I know none of you would or you know someone who is please tell them to stop thanks
  12. Aden-5 Alf-5 Annie-5 Bartlett-3 Charlie-7 Colleen-5 Donna-5 Geoff-5 Hugo-3 Irene-5 Kirsty-5 Jai-5 Joey-4 Leah-12 Liam-5 Martha-5 Nicole-6 Rachel-6 Roman-5 Ruby-13 Tony-5 Trey-5 VJ-5 Xavier-5
  13. conrad Coleby does accept fans he only has a facebook for fans and its definately him
  14. Irene 103 Nicole 7 Ollie 2
  15. how are you guys doin that ??????? its confusin me Irene 101 Nicole 8 Ollie 8
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