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  1. You say puppy eyes like it's a bad thing.I love his puppy eyes lol.
  2. Conceptually I was all for Matt and Maddie.They have good chemistry and I thought they'd be fun but the closer we get to it actually happening the more I hate the idea.What's Oscar ever done to either of them to deserve getting hurt in the way it seems likely He will?Put that with the fact that I'm sick of the show starting relationships with someone getting hurt and expecting us to swoon over how cute they are and I'm just not here for it.Try something new HAA.I miss the days when they wrote decent romances that didn't condone playing people for fools.
  3. I actually liked him when Charlie was around.It was around the time he was waving a gun around a hospital and everyone was 'poor brax'' that I went off him.He's not my most hated character but I'm glad he's gone because he's the most ridiculously hyped and overrated by a long shot.You'd think someone had died with all the publicity his exit is getting.It was a good exit for him though.Very in character even if some of the events before were completely unnecessary.
  4. Just about to watch the last two episodes of the first season of Izombie.
  5. Just watched the season finale of The Flash and am about to watch Izombie.
  6. The season 3 premiere of Arrow.Yes Australia is that backwards which is why I watch it online to.
  7. Just watched Home and Away and now watching MasterChef Australia.
  8. The Season finale of Jane The Virgin.
  9. I just watched Love Child and now I'm watching How To Get Away With Murder.
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