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  1. I've made no secret of the fact that she's one of my favourites, she has been getting on my nerves recently though... Possible UK spoilers(Im not sure where you guys are at.)
  2. The most important person is around.That being his father.It can easily be written that Alf's son has been overseas for several years.
  3. Patronizing us is not helping your case.I only see one hater here and it's not us.I also seem to remember you blasting Phoebe for daring to consider an abortion.You can't have it both ways.
  4. You had me until you basically called feminism rubbish.What Phoebe did wasn't anything close to it though she tried to use it to talk nonsense.She's just an idiot.
  5. The lose of her glasses doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.I didn't even really notice till someone pointed it out in the Australian Discussion thread though something did feel a little odd.It would be nice to see them again but she still retains all the other things that make me like her.Here's to hoping they don't turn her into a cardboard cut out of everyone else.
  6. I haven't finished the sequel yet but it's not that bad.Can't be any worse then Fifty Shades Of Nonsense which is a hit.
  7. I finished it a few days ago.Definitely an interesting read.There's a sequel to which I've just started.
  8. She's still around isn't she?I'm fairly sure she's living with Kat & Phoebe.I think she'll be around for awhile yet which is awesome.
  9. I think they've done it with Billie in a way that works . It would be incredibly boring if everyone came in nice and stayed nice till they left.Her reasons for doing the things she did were well written as well imo.
  10. Are we really going down the ''I'm disappointed you don't agree with me'' route here?People aren't likely to change their minds at this point and that's their right.
  11. Kat said she didn't believe her but would let it go seeing nobody was hurt.I would like to see Irene thank her at some point. It was a pretty big thing to take the blame for. love Billie . She's one of my favourites.
  12. I'm a fan of these two together.I think they're sweet.I've loved Olivia as a separate character as well but I'll need people to know about the fire and diner safe before I can fully get into Hunter.
  13. I don't know but it'll be a shame if he has.He had so much potential and all he's ever really done is prop up other characters.I can't recall him ever having a storyline specifically for him and we know next to nothing about how he was raised except he was in foster care.It would have been good to explore that.
  14. I like her.I think she'll end up staying with someone in the bay which will be nice.It's about time we saw another genuine kid in need on this show.It's been far to long. As shallow as it may sound I had the same thought about her appearance.I'll be surprised if they don't sex her up eventually but I really don't see the need for it.She's a pretty girl and not everyone walks around like all the girls in the bay seem to, without a hair out of place.It's nice to see a little realism.
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