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  1. Lol.Australia voted Yes for same sex marriage today so ya never know. Seriously though,i adore Ryder.He's a little cutie and has good chemistry with Alf.Out of the two girls I'd prefer him with Raffy but knowing my luck he'll end up with Coco.
  2. I love Ash because he's no saint.He's not perfect but nobody's saying he is.I have to agree that he doesn't deserve Luc though.He has to much of a temper.
  3. I agree with project90.She's to old to be such a brat.It doesn't help that the actress looks her age.
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  5. I'm surprised to hear Sarah is pretty much forgotten.I think it depends who you talk to.She was one of the better villains the show has had despite the fact she killed my beloved Noah, imo.She had a reason for doing what she did, as flawed as it was.And it was just before the time when those sorts of things became a weekly occurance which made it even more memorable to me.
  6. Kit is one of my favourite ever characters but I'm not sure there's really any reason for her to come back.
  7. I got over Mason and Brody after about 5 seconds but he and Tori are still going strong.
  8. I would be ok with a recast so long as she was age appropriate.I'm not to fussed it can't be Jodi seeing she's been in Neighbours for a week or two and I'm already finding Ellie rather annoying.
  9. I never thought of them romantically though I did like the friendship.Rosie fell into the increasingly large group of interesting characters that didn't stick around long.They don't seem capable of writing for anyone who actually has a personality for more then 5 minutes.
  10. Like I said in the Aus discussion thread, it was pretty decent as far as recent departures go.It wasn't great for multiple reasons but at least he left trying to save his brother from jail instead of going to jail for someone he hardly knows or miraculously gets to drive off into the sunset after breaking several laws.I hardly think they got a happy ending seeing they'll spend their lives looking over their shoulder. I'm half expecting some half hearted comment in 6 months about them having been found and somehow getting all charges dropped.It really wouldn't surprise me.
  11. I always assumed they'll buy it eventually.I'm not sure how else any changes could happen.
  12. If that was really the end it was stupid beyond words.I know she's a teenager but after all she's been through I thought she was smarter then to run off to be with someone she hardly knows.
  13. He's very pretty but seems a bit stupid.He's know Phoebe for 5 minutes and is already talking about how wonderful she is.It feels slightly stalkerish.
  14. The big difference I've already noticed is Justin went to the garage to ask for a job fairly promptly.Brax just walked around like he owned the place and did nothing but order people around. I'm trying to treat them as separate characters regardless of any similarities.We'll never move on from them otherwise. His lust for Ash is the real reason he didn't wanna work at the garage. .Plus Tori seems to be the boss of the family lol.
  15. I had the same thought.It's probably to obvious but whatever their secret is it definitely has something to do with their parents.
  16. If speculation is right and they're in witness protection Mason Morgan probably isn't his real name.Thanks for the Mills and Boon comment.I'll just be thinking about it every time I look at him for the next 3 years lol. I like him so far.He seems sweet.
  17. Kiss Bang Love.It's totally stupid but incredibly addictive.
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