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  1. ITwas supposed to be sunny and warm,but this didn't happen till about a hour ago.It was overcast and windy and cold.Now it's kind of inbetween sunny and overcast,windy but quite warm.
  2. Not for you maybe But here in aus it's usually pretty warm,in the teens at least.
  3. ??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What do you mean???msf? It's winter in Australia at the moment and the radio guy has ben saying it's something like 10 degrees outside all day.I know it's summer where most of you are and i wish it would hurry up here,i hate the cold weather.
  4. Freezing.Somtthing like 10 degrees.The radio guy keeps saying it feels like it'll snow which is stupd as it dosn't snow in sydney.
  5. Noah and Hayley.No idea where that come from,just a guess
  6. Don't think so Sorry guys am from oz and bored,it's almost midnight, good night or morning people,whatever it is for whoever reads this
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