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  1. Several things­čśŁ...

    Noah is a boss.I think the reason he continues to rate highly is because he was a complex character with relatable issues while still being likable for the most part.He is my forever love and you'll have to pry him from my cold.dead hands.­čśŹ

    Why would you temp me to rage about Jett being talked about but not seen once he ended up in a wheelchair.Racial and sexual diversity don't fair much better.This show needs to do much better.

    I'm glad Bella rated so highly.They seem to be attempting to write women with personality which I'm grateful for even if it does often leave the brat target on her back.

    While Tori and Christian are cute we don't know much about him outside of that relationship so I'm surprised to see him so high.This strengthens my believe that Ari will be the one with no votes.We're at the nitty gritty.I'll die of shock if he's this popular.

    Happy to see Shannon so far up even though I didn't vote for her.I've been wondering if we might see a return seeing Isla appears to have returned to Australia and is doing some local projects.

    One to go for me.

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  2. I've still got three to go though I'm expecting to see at least one in the next update.I'm actually pleasantly surprised We haven't seen them yet.

    I'm gonna call Ari being the person in the current cast who gets no votes.It's either him or John and he's been around long enough to grow a fanbase even if I don't understand it myself.Ari being more popular then Nikau is very unlikely imo.

  3. I'll stick to the current characters lol.

    The sun doesn't shine out of Dean's rear end.

    Bella's one of the best written characters on the show.

    I'll never get over what John did to Trey.

    Mac and Ari are dull as dishwater.

    Ari and Marilyn should get together.

    Dean and Ziggy were better off as friends.

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  4. Ash has been aggravating me beyond belief lately.


    I think people are annoyed because he's not after revenge for Kat.It's not what she would have wanted and he's doing it for his own selfish reason.The idea that Robbo killed her is also ridiculous.She's a big girl who made her own decisions.She was driving the car not him.

    I still like him though.I'm not sure when we started hating characters who aren't saints.It's often those characters who are most interesting.

  5. On 08/02/2018 at 21:09, jakeyy. said:

    I have a feeling Colby will have a gay relationship after Jasmine. DONT JUDGE MY OPINION

    I kinda had this thought last night actually.It wouldn't surprise me.He has no real chemistry with Jasmine.

    Yeah.The things I think about at night are wild & crazy lol.

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