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  1. This storyline is far and away the best at the moment and Lynne is just fantastic. I love her to bits and I think it was gret idea to have her fall off the wagon. I really like how Lynne is diggng deep and just giving it everything.
  2. Those of us who are long term viewers have always known this and have been totally bemused by the fact that the writers and producers suddenly stopped using her a few years ago and ignored her. They used to give Irene some great story lines, funny, sad, or dramatic, and Lynne always did them justice, and she was always amazing. Hopefully this is the beginning of the return of Irene, because as you say she is an amazing actress and it is a criminal waste if they don't use her. I thought she was superlative in mondays episode and I have high hopes of seeing some more fantastic scenes from Lynne.
  3. I was very fond of them as a couple, and as you say they were one of those couples you know were meant to be together. They worked on a level you could not put your finger on, it was just right in so many ways I suppose.
  4. Angelo has been pushy and creepy all along if you ask me and we got blindsided by those guns when he took his shirt off Nobody comes to Summer Bay without some dark mysterious past, He certainly made things a whole lot worse for himself and made himself look stupid by humiliating Belle like he did. I think he just made himself look like a sore loser and why has no one called him on accessing belles phone records? If I was Belle I would be making a formal complaint.
  5. Charlie is a right royal pain in the neck sometimes but I love her because of it. She is judgmental opinionated and it makes her vulnerable. yep I want to strangle her too, and I think her journey is going to be quite a difficult one. No one comes to Summer Bay and does not go on a journey of some sort and she is going to have a bumpy ride as she does not bend easily.
  6. Accepting something or being philosophical about it when you are the only wage earner in your family is not the same as being happy about it. I would imagine Lynne accepts it as she has to, I would bet she would give her eye teeth for a really good story line to sink her teeth into. She is really good actress, the viewers like Irene, so it is a bit of a mystery as to why the writers and producers keep her on the back burner all the time. Long term viewers who remember the days when Irene got some decent story lines and when she was there in the thick of things with The Smiths, with Selin, Chloe, Joey, Nelson, Paris, and even occasionally with Barry though thats was wasted opportunity, will know what i am talking about. Iren was aprt of her kids lives then and intricate to their story lines and they to hers and it was fantastic viewing. I thik they are losing out by notusing her this way today. I like the fact Irene always bounces back no matter what happens to her she just gets on with it, one of life's battlers, she will have a weep, then get back on track smile and get through it. You have to love her. I do
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