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  1. He'll just break out like last time! That episode was class! When he was playing therapist with the badass convicts!!

  2. Neither can I. When Jane catches Red John, do you think he'll actually kill him?

  3. I was gonna add you, but ya beat me to it! Was so funny when Jane got hit with the baseball! It was good so see those glimpses into his past though. Young Jane is cute!

  4. Hey! Long time no type! How good has the mentalist been lately?! Poor bosco..:( Anyhoo... Just thought i'd leave you a message cos i haven't in a while

  5. hi, thanks for adding me to you never ending list of friends! Nice to meetcha

  6. Yea that's cool, but how do you make those pics into avs and put them on this website??

  7. Yea I thought it was a cute pic. Had a bit of trouble working out how to do it without it looking all pixelated and horrible. dunno how you get all those pics of Simon, but I'm not complaining!!!

  8. Some time next year!! That seems like ages. Oh well. At least H&A's back on our screens. I was starting to get withdrawals!!

  9. Hi! Im so sad that the 1st series of the Mentalist has ended, but the behind the scenes shows were good werent they! I quite like Owen Yeoman. Have you any idea when Its coming back for Series 2??

  10. Ta for that! don't remember him though!

  11. Who was Simons character again?? I forgot!

  12. Yea I'm fine thanks! Erm, I dont know if you'll know this, but do you know who simon baker played in home and away?? Just wondering

  13. Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend.

  14. Hi!

    I just tried to get an avatar but it came out all horrible and pixelated! How d' ya do it?? Please help!!!

  15. Yea sorry about that! I leave random messages a lot. I try not to sound too wierd but I always do!!!

  16. Welcome to the site oh mysterious one!!

  17. I just found out that Simon Baker is australian and was in home and away?!? I didn't know this!! Major DUHH coming my way is'nt there!!??

  18. Ha! Sorry, This just made me laugh: " There's no business like Cho business" Lol!!!

  19. Love your new av! Can't wait for The Mentalist tonight!!

  20. This might sound silly, but how do you actually start a fanfic?? I tried clicking "new topic" at the bottom of the page and i havent found anywhere that tells you what to do.

    God! I feel like a total noob!!

    ;) Thanks!!

  21. loving "sealed with love" keep it up!!

  22. Happy Birthday!

    (just thought i'd say)

  23. Welcome! Enjoy


  24. Yeah, Esther is hot isnt she!

    (sorry, i just had to say that. in your 'about me' page you basically described all of my fave bands. just thought id drop you a note)

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