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  1. He'll just break out like last time! That episode was class! When he was playing therapist with the badass convicts!!

  2. I think he may come close to killing him, but i really hope he doesnt for his own sake, he would only get locked up and then no more patrick means no more mentalist :(

  3. Woop! That's what i'm listening to!
  4. Neither can I. When Jane catches Red John, do you think he'll actually kill him?

  5. Lol yeah that was a great episode, and i agree it was nice to see an insight into his life, can't wait for friday :D x.

  6. I was gonna add you, but ya beat me to it! Was so funny when Jane got hit with the baseball! It was good so see those glimpses into his past though. Young Jane is cute!

  7. BTW added you as a friend, hope thats ok?

  8. Hey hows you? yeah i know TM has been amazing, Patrick is even quirkier than usual lol, it was a shame about Bosco, him and patrick were just starting to get on as well x

  9. Hey! Long time no type! How good has the mentalist been lately?! Poor bosco..:( Anyhoo... Just thought i'd leave you a message cos i haven't in a while

  10. Fountains Of Wayne - Stacey's Mom She HAS got it going on in that video lol
  11. Paramore - Ignorance ^ I could listen to that song all day
  12. The Veronicas - Take me on the floor :cool:
  13. hi, thanks for adding me to you never ending list of friends! Nice to meetcha

  14. Yea that's cool, but how do you make those pics into avs and put them on this website??

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