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  1. pssh ok.. for the record... mark furzes "official" one is called rexx danger.. and yes its actually him.. his facebook is the same.. and yes he does actually reply to people.. Todd's is real as well.. he loves the attention.. Lincolns is real as well but isnt accepting friends.. due to the fact that some ppls send him really strange messages and such and such :cool: there are NO!! real indiana ones.. so don't fall prey to them.. any more i can ask.. but i do know that paul o'brien doesn't have one either.. give me a couples days notice and you shall recieve an answer =]

    Actually Paul's myspace is real.

  2. Mark Furze and Christie Haye's are real. Also from neighbours, Dichen (Katya), Caitlin (Rachel), Christian (Will) and Matt (Zeke) all have real myspaces and I think they accept all their friend requests. In Dichen's top friends you can see Kyal Marsh (Boyd) and Eliza (Janae) and Dan (Ned) but I don't think they accept all their friend requests.

    Yep friends with Mark and Christie...she has even replied to my comments a couple of times! Also friends with Caitlin and Christian. Oh and Sam Clark but only his music one...he only accepts ppl he knows on his normal one. I think Kyal, Eliza and Ben etc only accept ppl they actually know that is why their profiles are private.

  3. Very happy it is returning in two weeks. Yet of course it comes back when uni does! <_< It is weird though, they have promos for the other shows, except Blue Heelers as that returns for a few eps later this year when Prison Break finishes, yet have not seen one of All Saints. Hmmm.

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