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  1. increasing amount of agression-total nonsense-i have noticed some of the mods seem to want to over control things lately on many threads stepping in whenever they feel -mostly when there isnt even a problem of any kind just like here. what is the difference between attacking someones views and 'picking holes in hit' -perhaps you would clarify?. attacking an opinion is no way the same as attacking a person particlarly wehn that perosn is unable to substantiate that opinion with fact.Unofficial warning-slightly over the top dont you think? If mistified hadnt made a point of attacking my 'opinions' and you hadnt come on threatening me there would have been no issue at all,the past comments would have just passed by- typical of the mods as i say-trying to create trouble when there is none present-instead you seem intent on riling a member-congratulations
  2. actually i was not trying to suggest my view was superior-merely to say that if you are going to come out with statements like careywary did then surely if you wish them to be taken seriously they ought to be backed up and substantiated properly. This is a debating forum isnt it -not an 'isnt angelo wonderful thread'?You yourself mistified said in a different thread the only reason you liked them was because they 'looked good' so your attack on me is unsurprising. I did not personally attack the poster merely their views which i do find laughable given what we have seen on the show-if some posters wish to live in their own fantasy world that is up to them but you cant expect other posters not to find their views absurd.I go on what happens in the show . Yes it is their right to say what they like but it is my right to attack it too otherwise boards like these are pointless. What careywary said was total nonsense in my view and i stick by that. If careywary has issues then she should respond in kind and substantiate/argue her case. If something i said offended her in anyway she should contact me and i will apologise/take up the issue with her. I will certainly not listen to you mistfied over what i can and cant say when it has nothing to do with you unless somehow you think your views are superior or was it just because i was denigrating your 'beloved pairing'.
  3. john-of course everyone wants certain things from their favourite stories/pairs-everyone wishes they went a certain way,that they wrote this,didnt forget about that etc,like to think about what must have happened off screen etc etc but the reality is we can only go on and take as fact what they have shown in the episodes themselves. Many people read too much of what they want to in what they have seen and like to fill in the gaps to suit their own agenda. From what we have seen onscreen of the charlie/angelo relationship it is very hard to make a case for them being this perfect couple meant to be etc etc. Is that our fault as viewers who wish to go on what we have seen and dont wish to fill in the gaps ourselves of what they are thinking or doing offscreen or the shows fault for poor writing/poor continuity. I think it may have been you or someone else on here who made a very good point that they went from angelo not trusting charlie,stalking her etc and charlie not wanting to commit to him,to charlie suddenly kissing him and them immediately getting back together. We saw no thought process,none of the counselling sessions- fans of angelo are happy to fill in the gaps of what they think has happened to lead to this,some of us refuse to go along with what we dont see on screen. The writers are to blame for this being such a bad pairing.
  4. carywary-you are not cameronwelsh in disguise are you? if you are not you must be watching a different show to some of us-i dont get how anyone can reach the conclusions you are getting- you are mixing up your own wishes for how you want them to be with what we are actually seeing onscreen. they were so happy together last time you say? rolls around in much laughter! yeah so happy they split yet again and angelo has so little respect and trust for charlie he tried to befriend her counsellor and ended up stalking her! you are right -meant for each other lol!
  5. I actually agree with much of what you say redranger but that doesnt mean it is right and we should just sit back and accept it does it? Here in the uk yes there are plenty of gay characters/stories in many shows but the shows still do actually get complaints (albeit a small number) -the difference is the shows tend to ignore a few complaints and are brave enough to follow through on what they want to do and do the right thing by representing all members of society. The more shows that do it the less of an issue it becomes. It seems in australia no show is willing to be brave enough to be the first,to lead(although im not quite sure i recognize the picture you paint of australia-i have seen plenty of aussie shows that have had gay people/gay kisses). It also has to be said that the ratings during the cj story were no different to the normal ratings-im not sure there was ever this mass opposition to it-more a very vocal minority,which gave the show an easy opt-out of australia'not being ready,too controversial for family show' etc You seem to be suggesting that we should be grateful for what we got-should we expect a slightly longer gay story,say 4 months, in 5 years time-is that progress? why shouldnt we complain,make a fuss about this?-nothing will ever change if we dont. In my opinion you are either brave enough to do it properly or dont bother-this little by little is pretty insulting-giving us characters who go gay for a week or a month,then its all forgotten and they are straight again-suck us in just to spit us out again.
  6. red ranger- i do agree with much of what you say but would like some clarification over what you mean by ' unrealistic expectations' over charlie storylines last year. Im assuming you mean charlie/joey. It was actually the show itself that hyped the story saying they wanted to modernise the show,bring it into the 21st century etc and that it felt right now to do it. Esther herself said they wished to do the story properly and that we would be 'surprised how we have done it'. It didnt help when people like Dan F the moderator claimed the charlie/joey story 'was far from over' just after joey had left. Us fans were led to believe it was going to be more than the usual quick lesbian fling for the hot straight woman before quickly returning to men.If they had promoted it like that there wouldnt have been the trouble but they didnt. And is it really that 'unrealistic' to expect the show in 2009/10 to do a gay storyline properly? Rapes/murders,teenagers having sex ok but gays no? Cast members involved in drug and sex scandals no problem-yes great morality by the show. Double standards or what-ok with real life controversy but too scared by doing a gay story properly? When red ranger can we expect a long term gay character/story - 10,20 years time? i dont think some us had unrealistic expectations at all-it is the show that lacks courage and panders to a vocal minority.
  7. i do agree kevin-i dont think fan forums are ever particularly representative-this board in particular seems to have a lot of girls who love the angelo/romeo/aden type characters- i.e the good looking hunks with good looking girls type storylines. these characters/stories obviously appeal to some but not others.The show desperately needs a bit better mixture of characters so that they can appeal to more people/sectors of society-maybe the ratings would actually improve if they did so. Personally i find the whole stereotypical blond guy with his six pack in love story with good looking girl has been done so many times on the show im just bored with this type of pairing-charlie/angelo fits this exactly-no real chemistry or interesting story behind them-just 2 good looking people thrown together to become one of the shows 'hot couples'. They have totally ruined charlie-going from being a strong independent woman to angelos housewife, ruled by angelo at work ,and if angelo gets his way ruled by him at home too. As for angelo, i see beyond his looks,and just see a selfish arrogant smug man (who laughably is still a cop ) not the cute romantic guy that some inexpicably seem to see him as on here. I still hold out a tiny bit of hope that they will take a different direction with charlie and have her in a proper long term gay relationship-that really would be something original and refreshing for the show -unfortunately i doubt they will have the courage to do so- this show seems to be years behind many soaps from around the world-apparently gay people are still too controversial for aussie audiences-therefore we will continue to be stuck with just the hot guy/hotgirl pairings we get now.
  8. i have tried to read this but your portrayal of the characters seems completely different to their characters on the show-i just cant imagine any of the characters being like this-a fic that shows joey coming back and charlie staying with angelo is a different/interesting concept but your characters seem alien to me-sorry just my opinion.
  9. hi dont know if we are allowed to post links on here but tv week has anew poll on the website about charlie and whether she should have remained true to the same sex storyline.I know these things are pretty meaningless but hey us charlie/joey fans need to do something ! So please vote if you can http://tvweek.ninemsn.com.au/
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