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  1. Have a great time in Florida!!! How long are you going for? <3

  2. Good to hear :) Well enjoy your weekend.

  3. Yes it was INCREDIBLE. Bestnite of my life loved it too pieces and would totally pay to watch it again she has an amazing voice! How are you?

  4. Hey Barbara,

    Understood completley. I left a request in your thread. :)

    Take your time... because I understand you have alot of other requests and I look forward to seeing more avatars in the future.

    Hope you have had a great weekend.

  5. Yeah they turned out wonderfully! An tonite im going to the Taylor Swift CONCERT!!!! Awesome, hope your not too snowed in, I love the British accent lol. Haha thats the way to do it :P Watch them on youtube ;) Hope you have had a gr8 weekend!

  6. What are your other childrens names? :) Have any ideas in mind yet? haha.

  7. Hey, yeah were doing invatations and these lil dummy necklaces and a whole heap of games :D

    Naww!! Though now you would have watched it! :) Are you from the UK???

    Oohhhh I love shopping! Have lots of fun and dont spend too much :P

  8. I just saw your post congrats Hun on the Bub :) :) :)

  9. Im great. Going out tomorrow to plan my Neice to be's Baby shower :D Other then that just glued to home and away at the moment ;) How are you? What have you been up too Hun?

  10. Lol, she gave great advice to my Geoffey tonight though!! :) :)

  11. Yes, the Martha one (: I stopped liking her when she started dating Hugo, but now I feel terrible for her and am starting to like her again. :D

  12. Yes so have I! I love your new avatar ;)

  13. Very true (: Like I still am in love with Lincoln even though he made a mistake, like who are we to judge them because im sure we have all made em before. :)

  14. Wow! She seems so lovely and it is awful that Todd takes drugs and puts a bad image on everyone in the show when theres awesome actors like Ada. (:

    Im sure she will

  15. Lucky!!!!!!! That would be amazing!!! I loved Kirsty, loved loved Hayley and Jade omg so jealous.

    Ada is lovely or at least on tv :P

    Im sure she will be happy to tell you

    lol thats funny :P

  16. Who did u meet? -jealous- I wrote to Bec and Esther got replys :D heir sooo nice but Tessa, Todd ad Jodi havent replied :(

    It sounds like you have a good plan, and moving to syd :D awesome.

    I love flats but I broke mine and im so frustrated at the moment cant find he identical ones anywhere!!!! lol I have blue eyes too lol but blonde hair.

  17. Lol yeah, your welcome it is oh and I really like Bec Hewitt too (:

    haha thanks thats my dream too we have alot in common hehe im doing drama class this year at school my parents wont let me do acting school or get me a agent :( How are you working to achieve ur goal?

  18. Its just like rebecca breeds (ruby) ;) haha thanks nahh mines just the same old same old lol.

  19. Hey thank you for the awesome avatar (: I love it. <3 Hope you are well.

  20. Your very welcome (:

    It is pretty random, I just saw it and thought that name looks really pretty.

    Its great that your name suits you, I thought it was pronounced like that but I didnt want to get it wrong. Well I think its gorgeous :D I love it !

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