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    Home and Away of course! :P

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    Sydney, Australia (:
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    Home and Away<br />Dancing<br />Internet<br />Travel <br />Shopping<br />Movies<br />Swimming

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  1. Whats the address to write to Luke Mitchell?? Thanks soo much! <3
  2. Hello :) Hope you had a good Easter and eating lots of chocolate eggs, haha. I had posted Chapter 6 of my Home and Away fanfiction (The Beginning) yesterday :) Have a good day xx

  3. Hmm... magazine, hair clips x 2 and mcdonalds fries <3
  4. Hello how are you? I am soo glad I am up to the first week of the new 2010 season now this week, yah. :P I had posted Chapter 4 last week :)

  5. Went to her 'fearless' tour on Sunday! Best night of my life!! :D Today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift <3
  6. Have a great time in Florida!!! How long are you going for? <3

  7. Blue denim mini shorts, Grey 'fireflies' T-shirt <3
  8. A mixture. Hot day today, but got a cool storm this afternoon with some rain. Wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow? hmm... <3
  9. Good to hear :) Well enjoy your weekend.

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