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  1. Joey is the perfect character in my opinion - she's sweet and sensitive yet strong and confident with a flame of attitude that appears in the best (and worst) of times! I think I would put Joey down as one of the most real characters on the show! As for Kate, I think she's an excellent little actress - she gives her all, and her efforts show!
  2. OMG - I adore Charlie! She is such a simple, yet somehow so complex character, with many layers. I have loved watching Joey bring out Charlie's expressive and emotional side which compliments her tough cop persona perfectly. As for Esther, well, what can I say - she is gorgeous though more importantly, VERY talented!!
  3. Belle...hmmm, she has a lot of issues that girl. She's a great person a lot of the time, but makes some really terrible life choices at times. Jessica is a brilliant actress, however, I can't help but notice how unbelievabley THIN she is every time I see her, and she just does not look healthy at all (yes, it fits into the character's storyline, but I highly doubt it's just for that). I just really hope she starts to look a little healthier in weeks/months to come!
  4. I am so happy to see an autistic character weaved into the show - I am loving H&A's strong attempts to step up and include rarely seen, but real issues and characters into the show! Brendan is such a great guy - he brightens the mood up in many scenes (and Kain is brilliant at portraying such a difficult character)!
  5. Ahhh yes, Hugo. He is a REALLY annoying character right now! I can understand Charlie slipping up and wanting to 'proove herself' by spontaneously sleeping with a guy (more believable if she regrets the decision) but what I cannot understand is Hugo actually letting her do it knowing what the poor thing is going through! Bad Hugo!!
  6. They are just perfect together (the writer's created such a genuine, beautiful relationship between the two women)!
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