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  1. /\ yes tonights ep was very good considering harry was in hospital but i wish for rachel to relise she has a problem it didnt have to come to harry in hospital and her deniying the problem although there was alot of hugging and kissing
  2. tonights episode was interesting we could really see that rachel was struggling with harry and that she was very tired and tony could see that too.
  3. yes just because rachel is a docter dosnt mean she knows everything! P.S who has seen the new tv week HOT DAD
  4. tonights ep was so nice to see them together!!!!
  5. rachel and tony have a new car mercedes!!!finaly putting rachels doctor money to good use. jane is such a weirdo creeping around their house like that.
  6. I think on the OS they should do an an interview with Jon and Amy about what's coming up for them as a family and how they're coping and stuff like that.
  7. i loved tachels scenes today especially the one at the house when tony rubed her bump at least there has been mention of the baby eg like im working out to be fit and ready for the baby. the bump is looking better and better with each episode
  8. yes she is getting consumed by worry. that top she wore looked fantastic and the bump looked so real!!!
  9. it was great to see some metion of the baby today but still no morning sickness or anything. i dont think we will see a repeat of last time tony pushing rachle away i think it would have something to do with what aden said to tony. i loved there little scene at the end them going for a walk and when he said sorry to rachel
  10. i think maybe because its a new born they cant just go and leave it with someone. but still they could just say babys sleeping. but i think it will get a bit of atention because rachle will be all excited and showing leah and martha and other people.
  11. did anyone notice that when tachel walked to marthas to see if she wanted to have breakfast, that she was wearing high heels and when they where walking back she didnt look pregnant! pregnant women arent sopsoed to wear heels.
  12. i hav watched all the ones on page 13. yer but we still need it updated. so please update
  13. would someone be able to tell me some of there fav tachel eps(ep numbers too)
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