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  1. Sorry folks but I have another stupid question Does anyone know if someone have uploaded the 2009 season 22 episodes to their own website so that we can download directly without going through Rapishare or Megaupload? Over here in South Africa we actually pay our ISP 50 cents for every megabyte we download or surf! The download speed is at best around 160kb/sec and it takes about 2 hours to get just 10 episodes at a time. I still have to get 53 more episodes to get to Fridays current episodes This will bankcrupt me if I'm not very careful seeing as I'm a hopless H&A fan! I appreciate any advice or help on how the get episodes faster for less money... AJ
  2. Thanks Barbara I will go check and see if I can find the DVD for a decent price I downloaded the Pilot episode from diwana a while ago. I can upload it for you if you like! Kristina I would love you forever if you could upload the pilot episode for me I can't wait to see it! Thanks
  3. Hmmmmm... I'm eating boerewors(South African sausages) with puto pap and sheba sauce (tomato & onion sauce) with some noodle salad and bean salad. Needless to say I'm going to eat waaaaay to much lol
  4. LMAO sorry to hear that Dean. That must suck, coz I'm sure without any pips you can't EVER request any episodes And I thought I had it bad...
  5. Thanks Barbara I will go check and see if I can find the DVD for a decent price
  6. Lunch was sandwiches. Today's was polony, tomato, lettuce, onions, and mayonnaise. Washed down with a nice strong cup of coffee!
  7. Thanks for the info Valli. It definitely helps to know how the system works seeing as you need "pips" to request old H&A episodes
  8. Thanks. Where can I buy the DVD from? Have any idea how much the DVD costs?
  9. Need help please. I tried to download the Pilot episode this weekend from the "Episodes section of the BttB main website but it says that the llinks are broken? Also how many parts does the pilot have? I would love to see the original pilot episode... Thanks
  10. Newbie here wondering how the pips system works relating to number of posts? How many posts equals each number of pips? Hope it makes sense. Anyone... Thanks in advance...
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