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  1. thank you SOOOO much for the update Kirsty!! Wonderful stuff cant wait for the next chapter
  2. Wow, I have just watched the episode when Jane and her husband come in to the hospital, and Rachel DID ask Julie for a bedpan for Jane, Julie is wrong!!! Although Rachel asked her to get one for another patient moments earlier so I can see how she would get confused
  3. Hey Kirsty!! Just wondering if you were planning to continue with this fic? It's been nearly a month since your last update and I would love to hear more!!
  4. wooohooo!! thanks sooo much for the update!! lol i have been waiting all weekend but ooo no poor rachel!! looking forward to the next chapter!!
  5. Yay!!! thanks so much for the update!! poor martha tho !!! You are a really gifted writer Kirsty- am looking forward to the next chapter
  6. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=676...&ref=search Here you are Bad_Witch!
  7. Hey there Suz!

    thanks for ur comment! howd you find me! I have seen you around on the forum but havnt commented much at all as I am still trying to get the hang of it!!

  8. Yay another Tachel Fan :D + your a kiwi too :)

  9. I totally agree - I really miss Tony at the school!
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