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About Me

Hey! smile.gif I'm Elainea... It's pronounced like Elaine with an A on it.... I get El for short of Lay.. but mostly El...

I love to dance, act, sing and honestly I'm not very good at any of it! But I do try...

I love music, beaches, make up, fashion, pictures, friends, love, shopping :)

Favourite characters will always be Nicole and Geoff <3

All time Favourite episodes... 4701, 4744, 4750, 4857, 4800

Below is a list of the fanfictions I have written, they are honestly not great. But if you read one, thank you :)

I love you!....

There must be an Angel

The new girl in Town

Friends, liars and affairs

Original Love

The babe is back

Gone but not forgotten

Belle Paige Jefferies

To Clear Our Heads For Love

Something More

Come in with the rain

Why do you have to lose something.....

Everything, Everyone is gone


I Am Me

Noah's Ark

I need you

Homeward Bound

Krystal Clear

I'd come for you

Dreams Come True

Road Trip

Life's A Dream

Where For Art Thou Romeo?

You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

My Romeo Is Here

Birthday's Start Disasters

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