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  1. Ooooo please please tell me!! I can only find a couple of half episodes on YouTube!!
  2. It absolutely guts me that the writers did that!!!! Split them up offscreen for no reason then haven’t actually established if they’re together or not!! I dont watch the show anymore, I pretty much lost interest after they left, then would tune back in for Stevens reappearances but after that whole Ling thing I got the snitzer with the show completely!! I would soooo love to see old episodes with them in it again!!
  3. When were Selina and Steven last mentioned as being together???
  4. Where abouts online do I watch old episodes online from 1996/1997 particularly episodes with Steven and selinas relationship from both years?? The ones on you tube are hopeless, only a couple that I can see and only half episodes!! I’m having a bit of nostalgia and want to watch the whole relationship between my favourite characters!!
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