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  1. When were they happy...? First time round... they kept falling into bed because Charlie was messed up over Roman and Angelo was a mess too. I have to admit that had the whole Jack thing not happened, it could potentially have gone somewhere. I liked them then. Second time round (predictable groan)... they fell into bed because Charlie was stressed about Ruby growing up and very lonely but they broke up when Angelo realised Charlie didn't trust him with anything important to her. Third time round (biiiiiiiiiiiiiig yawn)... they didn't have time to be happy because of all the Ruby and Grant stuff and then she dumped him easily and immediately when she thought he'd cheatd. There's something about karma going on there but I will leave it alone. Fourth time round (bigger yawn)... they didn't do or talk about anything but the Hugo case, Charlie nearly got killed and suffered nightmares, to which Angelo was just pleased that he was feeling great and then decided she had merely been anxious about him leaving. And then they broke up because she couldn't commit, move in and presumably see a future with him. Oh, and then he stalked her. Fifth time round (falls asleep)... they've attempted to do some kind of romantic comedy thing, which is neither cute nor funny and for the love of all that is good in the world PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
  2. I don't think it's so much a case of this story being too big for them but too small. Esther has done so well during her time on H&A. Her acting during the Charlie/Joey storyline was superb. I was so enthralled. And she was amazing during the Charlie/Ruby storyline. She was really able to tug at the heartstrings. But this constant making and breaking up with Angelo is just so boring. It's a rehashed, poor story and I think it's far beneath what she is capable of. The writers need to ditch them as a couple and help them to create identities of their own. Ever since Angelo came back, he's been obsessed with Charlie. And Charlie has lost her personality over the course of the last year. And it's such a shame. There is so much more they could do with her. I just wish they would give her more of a chance to shine.
  3. I find Romeo's character quite sweet. I want him to get together with Nicole.
  4. I really wish that the show would stop torturing us with Charlie and Angelo. Charlie was so much more interesting to watch before they got together again last year and each time they have broken up since. She is such a strong character but everything gets lost when she's with him. The Charlie and Ruby dynamic used to be wonderful and now it is non-existent and that isn't because of the mother/daughter storyline. The chemistry just isn't there, Angelo doesn't treat Charlie nicely at all and all this silly romantic comedy type stuff that they're trying to force on us now just doesn't work. They would both be much more watchable if they broke up for good. I don't know what they'd do with Angelo but Charlie is such a great character. I feel like they are ruining her at the moment and it's so sad. They could develop the relationship with Ruby again, they could explore her bisexuality, they could focus more on her work, bring Ross back... anything but this constant Charlie/Angelo mess.
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