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  1. Hey!!

    I'm so hopeless at replying!

    How's school going? :D

  2. Lol I hate Twilight and RPattz. He's a douche lol. I'm glad you agree hahaha.

    Have you seen Harry Potter yet? I'm looking forward to it too aye. It should be good, well, the previews make it look good at least...

  3. Stuff everything I said about RPattz, I just realised that I've been getting your page confused with someone else's. Sorry!!

    It's hard to find people these days who don't like Twilight, so cool! I don't like Twilight and I don't get what all the hype is about! I'd much prefer Harry Potter and I'm so excited! Can't wait till it comes out

  4. Oh really? Lol I was just going by what my Media Studies teacher told us haha.

    Who's on Rove next week? I thought it was good this week though, I really like Toni Collette so that's probably why lol I thought Rupert Grint was a bit flat, a bit disappointing.

    When did I saw RPattz is my favourite actor...? I actually hate him... and Twilight... Lol.

  5. * getting pregnant to his child?! Anyways, I don't like Twilight either, actually I despise it. :D

  6. Oh, coz from what I've heard, Macauley Culkin is the godfather of MJ's kids. :D

    Rove was kinda boring today, the only really interesting part was when he interviewed Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Next week looks pretty epic though lol.

    Lol there's nothing to be sorry about, I was just wondering coz RPattz is your favourite actor. Lol did you hear about Kristen Stewart ge

  7. Oh i thought that Macauley Culkin was one of the kids who accused MJ of touching him. Yeah I didn't watch Rove tonight, was it a good episode?

    And... no I actually hate Twilight lol sorry. =S

  8. ** or am I missing some part of the story?

    Just wondering, do you like Twilight?

  9. A yeah that g-string was so funny! Rove's on again tonight lol!! :D

    Yeah, and I can't believe that one of the kids who accused him lied coz his dad just wanted the money. Jeez, it's like the world's being controlled by money now.

    Lol what about Macauley Culkin? As far as I know, he hasn't done anything wrong.

  10. Yeah can't wait to see Bruno! He's crack up, ah the nude suit, and then when Bruno pulled off Rove's undies LMAO!

    Yeah MJ was great, it was such a shame he was the target of so much hear'say. He just wanted to be a kid again. Stupid Macauley Culkin.

  11. Double episode!? Wow it looks like the drama of Summer Bay has hit an all-time high! I bet in NZ they'll span it over 2 days. What type of dancing do you do?

    Yeah I'm great aye thanks! =]

  12. Haha I loved it when Bruno went on Rove and the hottest part of it was definitely the nude suit. Gotta love it. :D

    I'm gutted that Michael Jackson died and it was a huge shock. The memorial service today was so sad, especially when his daughter spoke in tears - that was so heartbreaking!!

  13. well I am annoyed that there will be a double episode tomorrow night when I am at dancing for the whole episode and no H&A tonight!! How are you?

  14. Yeah I know lol I'm always on Twitter too but my friends mostly hate it (they just don't know how it works). Haha yeah Rove's tweets are great, what'd you think of the Bruno interview on Friday? LOL. Oh yeah Michael Jackson's death, super shocking aye, I'm gutted for his kids though. He truly was a musical genius.

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