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  1. As long as she doesn't turn out to be April's mother.
  2. I don't know if this is the place to post this but has the layout of threads changed? Each thread I go to now I see the original post but below it is a list of who has replied & I have to click on each one to see what they've posted?
  3. A much better character & actor than bloody Xavier. Surely the introduction of Dexter to the full time cast will mean there is even less need for Xavier.
  4. I liked her very much though the 2 Pippa's are equal in my mind. I loved how the show acknowledged that there was 2 Pippa's & didn't try ot hide it in the later years, Sally hanging up pictures of the original Pippa in the Summer Bay House & the flashbacks of the original Pippa talking to little Sally.
  5. Was it rebuilt to the exact same plans as the original house? It looks to be except of course for the famous red roof.
  6. Home and Away newcomer Matthew Walker may secure a more regular role on the soap, a report has claimed. Last month, viewers saw Walker make his debut as Aden Jefferies' (Todd Lasance) brother Justin for what was intended to be a one-off guest stint. Since then, Justin has proved a hit with viewers and some fans are calling for him to set up home in Summer Bay even though Aden is leaving later this year. A show source told TV Week: "Matthew isn't a permanent cast member at this time, but the bosses are really impressed with his work. "There's every chance [Justin] could become a recurring character." Walker previously played student Heath Forbes on the short-lived soap Headland, which was originally commissioned as a Home and Away spinoff before later being reworked as a stand-alone show. digitalspy.co.uk Good news, he seems like a fine actor so far.
  7. Its great to see Marilyn back. She brings a great sense of history & depth to show but most importantly she brings much needed fun. Kirsty...iconic...
  8. Of course Robertson won't be made a regular, there is no place for him in the show - not with such exciting characters like Gina, Hugo, Xavier & Liam around. How could Robertson ever compete with them?
  9. She's bad now but imagine what she will be like when Aden tells her that he digs Roman more...
  10. I've really liked Kirsty a lot more this time round, she has been one of the more watchable characters over the last few months as the insufferable Belle & Aden haven taken centre stage. However there was no chemistry between her & Miles. I like her little family with Kane & Ollie, it makes me go Awww!
  11. That's the only reason I can think of way H&A would hire such an awful actor, although they did hire the guy that plays Jai for seemingly no good reason.
  12. Angelo was a breath of fresh air to the show until this deeply deeply silly storyline. Unlike Roman & Aden he actually had a personality and quite a likeable one at that. I hope there is some way back for him after this thing with Jack, I want to see him punch Aden at least once.
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