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  1. aww i forgot about that one-was that the one where kane was swinging ollie around in the air?! ollie was so hyper in that one-dont know how sam didnt drop him! that should have been the kane, kirsty ollie happy ending....even though kirsty was moaning! yeah kane's a great dad-miles wasnt even close...stupid miles ruining everything!
  2. my favourite ollie scene was at the start when he was in hospital and kane snuck in to see him and ollie started crying cos he wanted kirsty-so sad!! and his crying was so convincing! actually loved all the kane-ollie scenes....especially the one where kane got out of jail and was watching ollie, kirsty and miles playing football and then ollie ran over to kane and gave him a big hug! so cute!!
  3. ok kane "kidnapped" ollie as much as kirsty "kidnapped" him-they both ran off with him during their "custody" battle. that was back in march when kirsty returned to the bay again and irene went mad at her over it.
  4. I thought Kirsty's exit was useless and ,even though I enjoyed seeing Shelly, think Kirsty's character deserved way better. Even though the whole Kirsty and Miles thing drove me mad all year, I still think Kirsty is one of the bay's best characters...and Olly too! now all we're stuck with is the stupid mystery and stupid Martha and Hugo..grrrr! has anyone behind the scenes of home and away ever mentioned why there was no kirsty, kane and ollie reunion?
  5. oh my god i loved chloe.....was devastated when they killed her, so cruel! although im not sure how feasible it would be to bring her back-they cant do witness protection for everyone!!
  6. Am so happy to see that there are some kane and kirsty fans still out there!! everywhere i saw was people giving out about kane and saying kirsty should be with miles! completely agree with claire-i hate the way kane is being portrayed as the baddie, there is so much more to his character! and the whole kane, dani and the sutherlands mess was sorted out years ago-in the end, the sutherlands (even dani) accepted kane and kirsty's marriage so i wish people would stop going on about it. In regard to the whole dani and kane situation. kane did not maliciously rape dani-dani showed an interest in him and flirted with him and because he was brought up in an abusive home where he was never shown any love (kirsty is the first person that ever tells kane that she loves him, even his own mother had never told him so), he thought dani genuinely wanted it and she never fought him off. I am in no way saying dani deserved it but it is not as black and white as people think and i think the whole thing was actually done really well. I am annoyed with the way kane and kirsty have been portrayed since their return.....there is no way the old kirsty would have moved on within weeks of kane going to jail and that she would want to stay with miles over kane. the writers have ruined them which i find really surprising because they spent years building up their relationship and making them one of the most popular couples in the bay. i wish they would just get their happy ending!
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