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    <br />Bratz.<br />Playing Baseball.
  1. Liam/Martha Split up WYR Aden go to jail or Justin go to jail?
  2. Marilyn-9 Justin-5 Rabbit-7 Rachel-6 Charlie-8 Ruby-5 Annie-6 Miles-12 Nicole-3 Tony-6 Leah-7 VJ-4 Irene-5 Colleen-5 Alf-5 Romeo-4 Elijah-10
  3. Bobby WYR Have dinner with Martha or have a swim with Geoff?
  4. Shoot Roo Save Bobby Geoff/Ruby
  5. Shoot Ric Save Jesse Rachel/Angelo
  6. Jazz returned WYR Annie returned when Geoff get kill in the fire or Angelo leaves with Charlie?
  7. Geoff WYR Geoff get kill in the fire at the diner or Hugo dies?
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