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Hey everyone

My name is Filomena and I have been a Home and Away fan since the '90's. I live in Adelaide and I am job hunting at the moment. I also detest Crime/Cop shows like NCIS, Without A Trace, Law and Order SVU, CSI and CSI New York, Numb3ers and City Homicide. I also detest All Saints and Best In Australia - Cooking show on Foxtell

I'm also a sports nut - I can watch any sport under the sun but football is my passion, as I am a member of A-Leauge Club Adelaide United.... being of Italian decent, I grew up on it.

I do detest Aussie Rules too as well as being a toal revhead (F1, MotoGP, V8's you name it) and can stay up for any sporting event from Tennis Grand Slams to Tour De France and everything in between

I am also a moderator for Summer Bay Local's website - Summer Bay Central - at the moment its small in numbers but we hope to keep growing as the year goes by!

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