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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one. :)

  2. hey Barbara! Long time no speak, how you doing? Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  3. hey, thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  4. hey, thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  5. hey, thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  6. hey thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  7. Thanks Cally :) Long time no speak! Hope everything is going okay :) x

  8. hey, thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you are havin a good day. :) x

  9. Happy Birthday :) Have a good one.

  10. Hey :) How are you? Just wanted to say thanks for the fic comments :D

  11. Hey, how are you? Loving your fiction and always nice to meet another Chax fan :)

  12. I'm good thank you/ :) Just trying to write some of my next chapter. Ohhh thats cool, guessing its a chax fiction? :)

  13. I'm good thanks. Aww thanks I am glad you like it, I kinda feel its a bit slow paced at the moment but hopefully I can fix it soon, I did get a bit lost with where it was going but I think I am back on track now! :) Yes, defo need heaps more Bianca/Charlie scenes. :D

  14. Hey how are you? Love you avatar and also your personal pic. I love Charlie and Bianca together. Don't get enough scene's with those two if you ask me!

  15. hey, how are you? Just wanted to say I absoloutely love your avatar! Chax are awesome. :D

  16. No my friend is going home on Wedneday! :( Weather has been lovely for the who of August! :D

  17. Im good thanks, how are you? Canada is great, still loving it here! I'm not coming home just yet. Was first planned to come home in September, but I'm staying longer. :)

  18. thats okay, I thought maybe something went wrong with your net when you just disappeared on me! :P Hopefully chat again soon :) xx

  19. Hey, I am good, how are you? It's going great over here, really enjoying it, although I'm glad to get a day off work today! They weather is lovely (finally) so I am just chilling out on the balcony right now :) xx

  20. Hey, how are you? Welcome to Bttb! Hope you like it here :) x

  21. woop woop time off, thats awesome! Need some help with writers block too haha. :P x

  22. Awk well hopefully we can chat soon! Maybe saturday too, I might be working, but I might not....

  23. Cally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ya saying? lol. x

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