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  1. Yay belle and cassie sorted themselves out vintage belle asking cassie is luc a good kisser wish drew had come down the beach and kissed belle though, not happy Jen joking great as always jen Marc
  2. great chapter Jen i don't think it was to full on at all i totally agree with laurzy. i think stubborn is the only word that describes belle the dialogue was spot on as usual keep up the great work Jen Marc
  3. oooo lucas and cassie i absolutely love the way you write out their thoughts its great to see it from their point of view especially when belle and drew fight with themselves over whether there is an attraction or not grrrrr why did he have to be drunk great work as always Jen Marc
  4. louise, only one word can sum that chapter up AMAZING i absolutely loved it a mini sequel sounds great keep up the great work Marc
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  6. this was my favorite bit “Is this a date?” I asked suddenly. Drew’s head shot up, the blank expression quickly removed from his face. It seemed that there was still a spark underneath. He was clearly surprised by my sudden question. Admittedly, it was rather random. “What?” he spluttered, blinking many times and attempting to focus on my face. I felt the blood surge from my heart up to my cheeks as he stared down at me. “Well, I was just wondering if this is in fact a date, a real date, not just lunch between a two people of the opposite sex that might in fact seem like a date,
  7. another great update jen why am i not surprised though drew is so falling for her awwwww cant wait for the party marc
  8. loved it i just caught up. RR1 you certainly have a talent for writing
  9. love this fic keep going its great
  10. loved it you really have a talent for writing. you really captured drew in the shower. but who on earth did he call cant wait to find out. great update Marc
  11. i just read all of this it is absolutely amazing. you are such a talented writer. great work keep going MARC
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  13. happy 19 th keep safe



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  15. Good mate thanks

    how about you

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