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Well what can I say I'm a total HAA fanatic, watched the show daily since I was 4 years old and watch daily now at Austrailian pace even though I'm a UKer...

My favourite characters are Kirsty,Nicole,Belle,Ruby,Geoff,Aden,Xavier,Roman,Leah and Irene.

My favourite couple is a toss up between Aden and Belle and Geoff and Nicole(even though there not together anymore, I'm holding out my hopes that there will be a Gicole reunion at some point), I also like Tachel and Ruby and Xavier together...

However I don't like Colleen she gets on my nerves and I don't particularly like Annie, Trey, Jai or Martha much either...

My fav past characters are Tasha and Robbie, Hayley and Noah, Sally and Flynn, Mattie and Ric, Dani Sutherland, Will and Gypsy, Nick Smith, Chloe, Shannon and Selina...

My favourite recent storyline has probally been Belle's drug addiction storyline and previous to that Aden's abuse storyline, the Season finale was also rather enjoyable...

My favourite past storyline was probally when Ken turned up as a ghost to walk Hayley down the Aisle, or the SummerBay stalker storyline and last but not least the Sally/Flynn love story (the wedding,his death, the funeral) the whole storyline was great...

I'm also a big Neighbours fan, so if you ever wan't any goss on up and coming Neighbours storylines, feel free to pm me :)

x x x

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