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  1. I do miss Alf, tuning in to H&A without him is strange - I did wonder whether TPTB will have him return with 'someone', I would love to see a decent Alf storyline, and maybe see him with a love interest
  2. I too, like a previous poster, was a bit disappointed that Morag's good times with Ross didn't last longer. I do realise that Ross's character was mearly an extension to bring in Charlie and Ruby, but the Ross/Morag SL could still have had a little more to it before they made him ill. I am old enough, JUST, to remember the Morag of old, and she was one mean old witch, but it was such good watching, and in fitting with the background of the character. I have to say I do like the new softened Morag more, she still has her edge, but you do see now a woman who can love, without alterior motive
  3. I LOVED Ailsa, and for me she is still missed on H&A, and after 8 years Alf and Ailsa are still my ultimate all-time fav soap couple. I don't know how different things might have been if Ailsa had still be around, apart from the one's listed above, but you know - and please remember I am a die-hard A&A fan - I think I might liked to have seen them split up and maybe even divorce - (Yes it would have been a risky move but it worked when they did it for Karl and Susan in Neighbours - and we got a happy ending back there) And add a little bit of will-they-wont-they reunite, the scrip
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