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  1. GRIM!!!! It's been raining for aaaaaaaaaaaaages and the forecast tells me it's going to carry on raining for aaaaaaaaaaaaages!!! Forgot what it's like to get back from the school run dry
  2. The Goonies It never gets old!! Wish I had a pound for every time I've watched it!! "Heeeeeeeey yooooooooooou guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys" Still gets me every time
  3. Story title: The girl in the red dress Type of story: Medium fic Main characters: Belle and Aden BTTB rating: T/A Genre: General Does story include spoilers?: Nope Any warnings?: features death Summary: It's christmas morning and Belle dreams of a little girl wearing a red dress. Follow her and Aden as that dream becomes their reality. Well....brothers in arms is nearly over and even though I'm rubbish at updating at the moment I think i'll still need something to fill the void!! I wrote the girl in the red dress as a one shot for the fanfic contest and since then the idea of turning it into a full blown fic has been nagging at me! Part one will be up soon(ish)
  4. HOT in birningham :D And about time too!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Ellen! I hope you're having a fantastic day:) xx

  6. I'm holding onto the fact that you warned about a suggesed suicide! Hopefully Belle isn't too late Really enjoying this so far Can't wait for more!
  7. LOVE this!! Aden is not gonna be happy Can't wait to see what happens next!
  8. Hi Ellen, I hope you have an amazing time at Take That tonight:D xx

  9. A play list containing the Set list from Take That's progress tour is currently on a continuous loop on my Ipod getting me in the mood for Saturday and will remain there untill July when i see them for the third and final time this tour!! Eight letters is my current fave
  10. Pirates of then Caribbean - on stranger tides Captain Jack Sparrow can shiver my timbers any time he likes Good film and much less confuzzling than the last 2 though, I did miss Will turner
  11. Cadbury's Easter egg! After giving up chocolate for lent it tastes even better than usual!! Next will be the little bag of mini egss that was inside the egg!! :D
  12. On a music diet of Take That for the next 8 weeks till i go to see them :D At the mo it's the progress album Might chuck in a bit of Pet Shop boys as just found out they are supporting!
  13. Gorgeous blue sky over brummie land :D Spring has sprung :D
  14. Yogi bear....not good Also...i really need to ditch the little people and go and see a grown up film!!
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