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About Me

Hey guys!

Laura here!

Some info about me
I've been on BTTB for about 4 years but I've been a fan of Home and Away for much longer than that!

Fav Couple
Adelle, Charlie & Brax, Xavier & Sasha, Martha & Jack, Tasha & Robbie.

My Fics:

A Day To Remember

(One Shot) My version of Belle dying. Belle and Aden have just got married. With only hours to live, Belle asks Aden to bring her down to the beach.

Limitless Love

Belle and Aden both go through some tough times which tests their relationship. However, they continue to be their to support each other which brings them closer together.

Always There

(Sequel to Limitless Love)

This story is set 16 years later. The twins have grown up and are now attending Summer Bay High School. Aden is a solicitor and Belle is a teacher in Summer Bay High. Belle and Aden now have other responsibilities and problems in life but the one thing that keeps them strong is that their always there for each other.

His Life, Her Life, Theirs Combined

It's a week after Belle's funeral. Summer Bay has just said goodbye to one of it's loved ones. While others try to move on and continue their lives, Aden shrivels up inside himself, shutting out all those who try to help him. However when one soul leaves, soon another takes it place. Will the new face in town help Aden escape from his pit of depression?

Love Actually

(One Shot) It's the day of Jack and Martha's wedding. Love and passion is the theme and it is spreading everywhere. The entire town has gathered. Each family, each couple comes with it's problems, but the beauty of the ceremony wipes everyone's worries away.

My Hand In Yours

(One Shot) Aden and Belle are enjoying each other's company.

She Left With My Heart

(One Shot) Aden has the difficult job of telling his children that their mother has died.

The Dark Horse

In the final moments of her life, Belle gives her only daughter, Iliana, her diary from when she was a teenager. When Iliana opens the diary, she steps into another world of love, pain and separation.

One Day

(One Shot) Charlie and Brax have gone public with their relationship, but the whole town and the River Boys have turned against them both. They decide to leave the Bay together, as they feel it is the only way for them to be together.

I Would Do Anything For You

(One Shot) Brax has broken Charlie's trust and he believes that he has lost her forever. But one terrible night reminds Charlie of what is really important and she finds it in her heart to forgive him.

The White or Red Rose?

One Summer, an 18-year-old Belle went on holiday to Hawaii with her family. There, she met a boy called Javier and they very quickly fell in love. When the summer ended, Belle's family prepared to return to Australia, so Belle and Javier were forced to put aside their love and say goodbye. They promised they would see each other again soon, and that their love would never die, but it would be many years before they would be reunited once more.
Ten years later, Belle is about to get married to her college boyfriend, Aden. Three weeks before the wedding, Belle bumps into Javier when shopping in Yabbie Creek. They sit and talk, and soon all Belle's feelings for Javier come flooding back.
Will Belle go through with her marriage to Aden or will she risk everything to relive her summer romance with Javier?!

No Regrets

Dedicated to Zetti.

(One Shot) It's a typical day where Brax comes to pick the children up for their day out with him. Charlie recalls the events that led to their relationship being the way it is today.

A Path of Heartbreak

Charlie is mad when Brax reveals all too soon to their friends and family that they are in a relationship. He storms out and bumps into Tegan. She appears to be a friend he can confide in and Brax tells her about his troubles with Charlie. One thing leads to another and Brax and Tegan sleep together. As the guilt eats away at him, Brax decides to tell Charlie knowing that it will break her heart. However what Brax has done will not be the only thing that will shock Charlie. Will they be able to get past it or will the consequences of that night haunt them forever?

The Need To Escape

(One Shot) Despite his best efforts, Heath struggles with the pressures of fatherhood. Will he be able to be a good father or will how he deals with these pressures cause him to make some dangerous decisions?

What I Have Become

Xavier tells his story of how he escapes from the never ending feeling of loneliness that has forever changed him from the man he used to be.

The People Make the Place

The town are gathered to celebrate a charity event. The music plays loudly, couples dance on the dance floor and adults have a drink and chat at the bar. They are unaware of the sinister plan that is being concocted beyond the doors of the hall.
The town will never be the same after this night ..

Take a look at them and let me know what you think!

I appreciate the feedback! style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.gif

See you on the forum!

Love Laura xxx

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