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  1. I think it was always the writers' idea to put Dexter and April together. I feel like it was sort of brewing for a while and then sort of died down when April's OCD issue flared up. But, look back at the earlier episodes when April and Dex were both outcasts, I felt like there were too many longing looks at each other. I am actually quite surprised they waited this long and decided to put her back with Xavier if only briefly. But, when they start to realize their feelings for each other, I hope it is as sweet as their friendship. Lets be honest, Xavier really only mesh well with Miranda but I dont think she is coming back any time soon sadly.
  2. So, I dont know if this is actually just me desperately wanting H&A to cover a gay male story or it is just something about the vibe when these two are together in the same scene. I just feel like Dexter and Casey could totally work in my mind, but it would a better story if it was Casey who had the feelings for Dexter and pursued him, but that would probably not happen. To really be honest, I dont even know why I started this topic, but I just kind of wanted to see if there were any like-minded people like me.
  3. So, I dont know if it is too soon to talk about this considering the April/Xavier romance is still relatively young. But, I got a weird vibe when April, Dexter, April, and Indigo were talking about boxing, Dexter gave a small look to April and instantly said that he would join as well. We know from the TV Guide interviews with the new Dex, that he would get a love interest, but we dont know when. I really think that April/Dexter could have a connection. April and Bianca are suppose to be these international jet setters and the Walkers are obviously cultured/international from their first time in Summer Bay. It would be interesting, but I cannot stand for Xavier to be in another love triangle where he loses the girl, lol.
  4. I just wanted to say that I think the Walker's house....is really nice......I liked that it is modern and all bright, well their kitchen anyway, that is the part of the house, we usually always see.
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